SEPT 2023


Camille DELAGE - Aviquali

Camille DELAGE, Product Project Manager, Aviquali

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Discover the interview of Camille DELAGE, Product Project Manager at Aviquali.

What are some of the big stories, new trends, and exciting innovations you’re seeing in the market?

Since Covid and the first lockdown, the e-commerce sector has experienced an unprecedented acceleration. We consider that the e-commerce photography of 2021 is the one we should have had in 2024-2025. Therefore, brands and retailers must consolidate their place and face new challenges. Integrating consumers into the digital process has become essential. Our solution is one of the cornerstones of this integration strategy by meeting the following needs:

  • Product launch: Aviquali offers the "sampling push" solution allowing brands to have reviews on their products at the time of launch.
  • Bringing a product back to life: Aviquali offers the "sampling refresh" solution that allows brands to restore visibility to a product in decline.
  • Communicate on social networks: Aviquali supports brands on social networks through different forms of content and offers brands communication to a heterogeneous audience.

What are the characteristics of your solution and who is it for?

Our solution is aimed at both brands wishing to control their e-reputation and retailers concerned with turnkey support on their customer review strategy. Finally, it benefits consumers looking for sincere, reasoned and regularly updated feedback. 

Our community: We have built a large community of targeted testers according to the needs of the brand. This community is a strong asset of Aviquali, which is the only actor to intervene in all types of sectors. Reviews come from a real and prolonged use of the product with the same freedom of speech as filing reviews after online purchase, but with more effective fraud barriers.

Transparency: transparency is at the heart of the Aviquali process, which disseminates all test opinions, both positive and negative, in accordance with the NF-ISO 20-488 standard.

This year, what will the Paris Retail Week event represent for your business?

Participating in the Paris Retail Week represents for us the opportunity to meet our customers and partners around business themes and common issues.