SEPT 2023


Genelle KUNST, Vice President, Global Marketing, Bloomreach

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Discover the interview of Genelle KUNST, Vice President, Global Marketing, Bloomreach.

What are some of the big stories, new trends, and exciting innovations you’re seeing in the market?

Throughout retail and in e-commerce specifically, personalization is without a doubt one of the biggest trends. We are at an inflection point in digital commerce where brands understand that it’s not enough to have an online presence; customer expectations for the digital experience have skyrocketed. It has put tremendous pressure on retailers to stand out from the crowd, and to provide online shopping experiences that not only attract but retain customers. More and more, they’ve turned to personalization in order to do that. We’re seeing so many retailers invest in technology like ours that allows them to use their customer data to create digital experiences that are tailored to the wants, needs, and habits of their individual customers, at scale. That level of personalization is really leading the retail sector into an entirely new era of revenue growth. Customers are far more likely to make purchases from the brands that have figured out personalization at a 1:1 level.

What are the characteristics of your solution and who is it for?

Bloomreach Engagement is built to help marketers drive measurable business results and revenue increases through their campaigns — and allows them to do so in a platform that’s easy to use and quick to deliver value. We unify their customer data in a single, easy to use dashboard, then provide them with the tools to put that data into action. Whether sending emails or SMS messages, automating campaigns, or using our analytics to understand how to optimize their efforts, marketers can drive fast return on investment with our solution, but it also makes it much easier for them to do their jobs which is what we think our customers love most. 

This year, what will the Paris Retail Week event represent for your business?

E-commerce has changed so much over these past few years. Now, it feels like the retail sector is ready to look at e-commerce with an entirely new lens — understanding that while pandemic trends may have normalized, so many customers have adopted a dependency on e-commerce that is here to stay. And that’s what Paris Retail Week really represents for our business this year: a new era of e-commerce, one that we get to help so many businesses navigate. It’s incredibly energizing to consider the opportunities ahead for retailers.