3 questions to Mirakl

Interview of Philippe Corrot - CEO of Mirakl 


Philippe Corrot - CEO of Mirakl 




According to you, what are the main trends and innovations in your field market?

The Marketplace SaaS market is intertwined with the evolution of customer’s exigencies (in terms of services, choice, pricing, etc.): they are permanently rising! Consequently, retailers are competing to attract customers by providing them an increasingly good shopping experience. Be they operators or vendors, they need the power of Marketplaces to gain customers’ loyalty and trust, and to augment their average basket amount. They must get out of the legacy ecommerce model for their business to be profitable.

This tendency is even stronger in B2B retail, as those companies do not yet provide their clients with the shopping experience they expect. These clients’ shopping references are the B2C standards in terms of services, pricing, etc. Then, tomorrow's leaders of B2B e-commerce will be those that manage to capitalize the Marketplace model to meet the increasingly demanding requests of B2B buyers.

Both B2C and B2B Marketplaces solutions must be more and more innovative – for customer’s expectations to be met – and more and more user-friendly – for operators or vendors to meet these expectations with no technical trouble.

Who are your current customers and which audience would you like to reach?

Mirakl has helped some of the world’s leading organizations, as well as smaller innovative enterprises including Auchan, Best Buy Canada, Woolworths, Carrefour, Conde Nast, Darty, Galeries Lafayette, Halfords, Menlook, Oclio, L'Equipe, The Beautyst and Truffaut to drive commerce and offer a greater scope for expansion combined with higher profit growth and lower risk.

Today, we are looking in priority to help the B2B companies that are lagging behind in e-commerce and would have a lot to gain by launching a marketplace to improve their customer experience. 

What motivated your decision to take part in E-Commerce Paris, a Paris Retail Week event?

We have chosen to exhibit on E-Commerce Paris to share with the e-commerce ecosystem the latest innovations of Mirakl, to meet and bring our expertise to the players looking for a solution to grow and expand their online activity, and also to discover the latest trends of the retail and e-commerce industries.

Paris Retail Week is:

  • Sept. 2017
  • Sept. 2018