3 questions to Pilot'in

Interview of Julien Dereumaux - CEO of Pilot'in 


Julien Dereumaux, CEO of Pilot'in 





According to you, what are the main trends and innovations in your field market?

It is important for Pilot'in to be constantly updated or precursor on digital trends. To do this, we implement a weekly collaborative trend and tech brief. The main current trend is Inbound Marketing, which relies on high-quality content. Brands and marketers no longer get clients. Clients come to them. 

Brands used to deploy an arsenal of advanced advertising strategies devised to specific targets. These communication methods can be intrusive, and we use them less and less. A well-executed Inbound Marketing strategy attracts our target and brings him or her to us. By offering relevant content delivered in the right place at the right time, we get qualified visitors whom we convert into leads and then customers and ambassadors. 

Example: You want to make a website but do not know how to create a design brief. You type the query into Google. You land to a blog post of Pilot'in that thoroughly explains the milestones for the design of a new website. So you develop a relationship with Pilot'in and send your design brief to Pilot'in for your website. 

The other important trend is Marketing Automation. As we write on our blog, "Marketing Automation includes methods and tools that scrip the relationship with the prospect based on his interactions".

In practice, marketing actions are automated depending on the path of each user. So we can customize the message to send to anyone in a given time.

Example: you are on your favorite ready-to-wear website. You visit some pages of products you like. A few days later, you receive the monthly newsletter of your favorite site in which an automatic insert shows you products similar to the ones you have watched to nudge you to buy them. 

Are you interested in these topics? See our weekly digital communication brief on our blog, every Thursday! 

Who are your current customers and which audience would you like to reach?

Pilot'In is a global digital communication agency. Today we have all types of clients, from startups to large groups, from industrials to pure players in B2C and B2B. 

However, we have started a real momentum with retailers and e-commerce companies. We work especially with Auchan group, Act. La Mode and the pure player Cartouche du Toner. We have developed a real expertise on these issues: we fully manage the digital storefront of Act. La Mode.

Currently, we design for them a showcase website, then we will deploy a click & collect website. We trained the store's employees on the use of Facebook and Instagram, allowing them to contribute to the pages assigned to each address. Daily, we deal with promoting national operations (sales, private sales, parties, quiz, etc.), the relay on different accounts and "control" stores publications.  

What motivated your decision to take part in E-Commerce Paris, a Paris Retail Week event?

Of course, the E-Commerce Paris exhibition is an event essential for a digital agency such as ours, which wishes to continue its development towards retailers and e-commerce companies.

Paris Retail Week is:

  • Sept. 2017
  • Sept. 2018