Special event

Recruitment Area by Emploi-e-commerce.com

Nearly 400 positions to be filled during the event and the presence of renowned recruiters.

Espace Carrière 2016

The Recruitment Area by Emploi-e-commerce was a success for the 3rd consecutive year!

For this edition, the Recruitment Area hosted many recruiters in Digital, an opportunity for candidates to meet face-to-face prestigious recruiters. 

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Candidates had the opportunity to meet key players in the French E-Commerce and Digital sector such as Vente-privée, Oxatis, Sephora, Content Square, Carrefour, Voyages-sncf.com, Menlook, The Other Store...

380 positions were open and attracted 1,800 candidates during the event, for a total of 490 interviews carried on during the 3 days!

Emploi E-Commerce

Emploi-e-commerce.com has become over the years the reference of recruitment in the e-commerce sector.

Its main objective is to link candidates and recruiters specialised in e-commerce, which is a driving sector of the French economy but has trouble to recruit. Applicants will find targeted offers, classified by profession for easier research (commercial / sales, webdesign, infrastructure and networks, web marketing, development / IT ...) in a dynamic and clear interface, as well as tips to prepare their interviews and improve their online reputation on social media. To complete its service offer, www.emploi-e-commerce.com advises its partners, large and small brands of e-commerce, to build or strengthen their employer brand.


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