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Interview of Stéphane ESCRIVA, CEO of Cylande Group. 


Stéphane Escriva, CEO of Cylande Group

Can you briefly describe your activity?

Retail specialist for almost 30 years, Cylande edits omnichannel, digital and supply chain management software solutions for specialist and large retailers. 180 retail groups use our softwares in over 65 countries around the world to manage their operations.

What are the trends in your market?

According to a study directed by IDC for Cylande, the use of customer data and the establishment of a real omnichannel organization are the two priority issues for over 8 brands asked about 10. To reach this reality, the brands bet on modernizing and updating their information systems. Many retailers have already engaged on this way but the path to a fully customer-oriented organization is still long, because this evolution implies to review its internal organization, logistics, pricing strategy, ongoing training of salespeople and above all to rethink the experience that one wants to offer to its customers. The brand must also be able to rely on a real omnichannel IT system which is capable of handling data from different channels in real-time. 

Who are your current customers and what targets would you like to reach?

Our current customers are generally French and international retail groups, mono or multi-brands, which have multiple sales channels. Our United Retail offer, which is natively digital and omnichannel, allows us to address all sectors.

What made you decide to exhibit at Digital(in)Store?

The digitisation deeply transforms retail. Adapting your company to this new environment in order to grasp all the current priorities is at the heart of retail brands’ strategies. Our solutions help retailers to find a solution for these challenges because they enable them to recognize and manage their customers identically on all channels, regardless of the selected device (mobile, tablet, web ...) and with a single solution. Therefore, taking part to Digital(in)Store was obvious: this is an opportunity to concretely present our offers to the greatest number.

What do you think about the creation of Paris Retail Week?

It's a beautiful idea, we need places to share and highlight the terrific skills of retailers and digital companies who assist them in their development and differentiation strategy.

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