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Interview of Isabel Pous, Marketing Department of TC Group Solutions.


Isabel Pous, Marketing Department of TC Group Solutions (ex T-Cuento)

Can you briefly describe your activity?

TC Group Solutions is a leader in the development of measuring tools and analysis of the behavior of pedestrian traffic, both indoors and outdoors, in order to increase the profitability of retail outlets.

TC Group Solutions' Retail Intelligence applications bring together internal variables of a point of sale (location, space, supply, prices, promotions, staff, sales, etc.) with different customer behavior parameters such as pedestrian traffic flows, visit frequency, traffic volume, visiting time, average occupancy, high-traffic areas, etc. in order to control the new KPIs and have a complete dashboard.

Can you present one of the key features of your products? What news do you want to highlight?

The news that we will present at the show are an intelligent POS able to qualitatively and quantitatively identify potential customers through an optical camera technology coupled with a Wi-Fi receiver. This technology is able to identify the gender, age and mood of the potential customer and the direction of his gaze and the time spent in front of the PLV. Moreover, through the analysis of possible visits repetition rate with the wifi receiver, this module also allows to know the loyalty rate.

With this technology the client can know the potential customer and sorted by age and gender; determine the effectiveness of advertising by the emotional reaction detected on the visitor's face and on the exposure time. Knowing the visitors repetition frequency of regular customers. Knowing the loyalty rate, based on the repetition of visits. Knowing the percentage of new customers.

This is the first display capable of identifying qualitative data and consumer visit frequency (facial recognition camera with wifi receiver). Thanks to its shape, the device fits easily into any product or display. With its easy installation and configuration, you can change the device location whenever you want, so you can use it to analyze and compare specific promotions.

What are the trends on your market? 

We are in a market conditioned by technological innovations that make our consumers more autonomous and with more criteria. To meet their needs and wishes, retailers must also be provide of qualitative and quantitative information tools (Big Data), management and optimization, etc. In this context, TC Group Solutions is an enterprise invested with a willingness to participate in the vitalization of the retail sector where the retailers can offer memorable experiences to their consumers.

Who are your current customers and which targets would you like to reach?

We work for clients coming from diferent sectors as fashion (Simone Pérèle, Diesel, Miss Sixty, Prénatal, Nice Things, Adidas, G-Star, Folli-Follie, Superdry, Jack&Jones, Lotusse, Agatha Paris), telecommunications (Vodafone, France Telecom, Portugal Telecom), beverage (Danone, Dunkin’ Coffee, Daba-Nespresso), perfumery (Gala, Rituals, Bob), decoration (La Chaise Longue, Tiger, Casa Viva, Muy Mucho), optics (Alain Afflelou, l’Òptica Universitària, Cottet, Krys), electronic (Sony), the DIY stores, garden centres and sports (Brico Dépôt, Jardiland, Padd, Fronda, Forum, Sport, Trek, Crozatier), public institutions and municipal markets, enterprise mobility (SNCF), etc.

Our reputation has been built on continually providing our customers with reliable and secure options to aid them in their decision-making processes.

What motivated your decision to exhibit at Digital(in)Store?

We participated in the last two editions of EQUIPMAG in Paris and have always been pleased with the organization and running of the exhibition. Visitors are selected in relation to our business. These were three intensive days for TC Group Solutions during which our products had a good reception and visibility to trigger beautiful business opportunities. The results subsequent to both editions support these arguments.

Our decision to exhibit at DIGITAL(in)STORE comes from the encouraging and convincing enthusiasm of the Comexposium's bet and the desire to meet annually, rather than every two years, all retail stakeholders.

What do you think about the creation of Paris Retail Week?

At TC Group Solutions, we believe that PARIS RETAIL WEEK is a good umbrella brand to encompass two major events for today's retail players. It is a name that attracts people and that will make the whole city focus its efforts in one of the largest global industries. This will attract people from around the world and give even more prestige and success to the PARIS RETAIL WEEK events, including DIGITAL(in)STORE.

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