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Interview of Emmanuel Gourlet, Sales and Development Director at Keyneosoft.


Emmanuel Gourlet, Sales and Development Director at Keyneosoft

Can you briefly describe your activity?

Keyneosoft is a company from Lille (France) specializing in the production of digital solutions for points of sales. We are both provider and integrator, we assist our clients in the development of their cross-channel business projects: marketing consulting, user experience, design, developments, and interfaces with the information system. We implement these solutions on different types of devices: web, smartphone, tablet, terminal, and recently the connected watches.

What are the key features of your products? Which new solution will you highlight? 

We offer to our customers tailored solutions or made from application components from our Keybuild middleware: click-and-collect, store range extension, self-scanning, mobile payments... On the occasion of the Digital(in)Store exhibition, we will present our new offer "KeyVendor" developed for sales forces. The idea is to offer retailers a suitable and upgradeable solution for their salespeople, deployable in 3 month and embedding practical and easy-to-use tools: better advice for their clients, know them better, improve the purchasing process, simplify back-office tasks ... all this on a tablet or a similar device.

What are the trends in your market?

The retailers think of the buying journey, but the store, which still performs 91% of transactions, remains the central selling place. In front of hyper-connected customers, retailers have no choice but to equip their sellers with digital solutions that will allow their customers to save time or money, feel better informed, advised and considered. The connected seller can be the differentiating factor facing the pure players.

Who are your current customers and what targets would you like to reach?

For over 7 years, we support the biggest names in food retail or specialized retail: Auchan, Carrefour, Casino, System U, but also Ikea, Boulanger, Cultura, Leroy Merlin, Tape-à-l’oeil, Jacadi, Norauto ... We believe that with technologies such as beacon or ultrasound that allow interaction with the customer in store, we can reach new targets concerned about offering a personalized welcome to their customers, the world of luxury for example.

What made you decide to exhibit at Digital(in)Store?

The in-store commerce continues to transform, faster and faster thanks to digital. The encouraging results of retailers that have invested in this transformation can only encourage others to take action or accelerate. Far from concepts, we are here at this event to provide them a concrete answer in terms of implementation.

What do you think about the creation of Paris Retail Week?

It’s a very nice idea. Why did nobody think about it before? Without chauvinism, retail "Made in France" is a real label, and the ecosystem of innovative companies like ours contributes to the excellence in the sector.

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