6 questions to Holy-Dis

Interview of Stéphane Chambareau, Marketing & Communications Manager at Holy-Dis.

EQUIPMAG invites you to discover through an interview the activity and innovations of Holy-Dis, who will exhibit at the show in September 2016.

Stéphane Chambareau, Marketing & Communications Manager, Holy-Dis

Can you briefly describe your activity?


Holy-Dis is a software publisher of Workforce Management solutions. The RETAIL sector is part of the company’s DNA since its creation in 1988. Both strategic and operational, Holy-Dis’s solutions meet clear objectives:

  • Aligning resources with workload ;
  • Serving customers efficiently ;
  • Enhancing employee satisfaction ;
  • Releasing energy of skills ;
  • Managing HR costs ;
  • Ensuring compliance with labor laws ;
  • Streamlining processes from scheduling to payroll, including Time and Attendance Management. (TAM)


The objective is to work the perfect schedule to mobilize adequate headcount, with appropriate skills, on tasks and activities with variable volumes while respecting service standards and profitability, not to mention the employees and their rights. 

What are the main features of your services? What are the innovations you will be putting forward?

Holy-Dis offers a complete range of features built around its core expertise, scheduling:

  • Staff management ;
  • Forecasting ;
  • Optimized scheduling ;
  • Long-term strategic planning ;
  • Time and Attendance ;
  • Real time adherence ;
  • Performance monitoring ;
  • Employee self-service portal.

From the optimization of working hours to their integration into the payroll, Holy-Dis drives its users to reach operational excellence. The next EQUIPMAG exhibition is for Holy-Dis an opportunity to highlight numerous new features: collaborative aspects and employee involvement in schedule creations, centralization and process simplification from scheduling to payroll, long-term planning… It is also the opportunity to present a preview of Timesquare® v.2.0 and of the Suite Planexa® v.4.0, covering the scope of mobility issues and multi-channel communication. 

What are the trends in your field market?

On a daily basis, the activity of many companies is affected by the digital era and the changes in our consumption patterns. The retail and E-commerce industries are on the front line of these changes and Customer Experience is at their core. Human Resources are the key component of the process. Our brand promise is more relevant than ever: “THE RIGHT PERSON, THE RIGHT SKILL, AT THE RIGHT TIME, IN THE RIGHT PLACE”. It has reached an unequalled importance confirming that the ROI of an optimized HR scheduling and of an efficient Time and Attendance management is unquestionable.
The economic, social and legal changes observed in the last few years further increased the complexity to schedule the adequate human resources according to customer (virtual or physical) flows. 
Our solutions must be agile enough to integrate the new rules of labor law (e.g. Sunday working, increasing overtime/additional rates…).

After the wage, scheduling is the second source of concern or demands of employees looking for a better balance between their personal and professional lives. Balancing Customer Experience, employee expectations and the company’s objective can be a real day-to-day challenge for managers.

There is a high demand in long-term planning. The “flexible” aspect of the 35-hour workweek had been a bit overlooked but the ongoing economic crisis maintains the needs to manage peaks and drops of activity over the year while adapting weekly durations to 30 or 40 hours. This enables better control over the use of fixed-term contract employees or temporary workers.

HR scheduling has been gearing up towards a greater collaborative feature. Employees are more involved in the process. They can now pick their working hours (pooling of work schedules, free choice schedules roster…), ask for schedules modifications or even shift schedules with other employees. The idea is to take into account their requirements, constraints (family or personal obligations) and paid holiday while creating awareness about the critical impact of schedules on the business’ activity.  

A sign of the times: “Scheduling, which was originally the business of operational staff dealing with practical issues on a day-to-day basis, becomes nowadays a project co-piloted by HR, IT and operational departments.” 

Who are your current customers and which audience would you like to reach?

With its complete solutions, Holy-Dis meets needs of businesses of all sizes and different sectors: from luxury to hard discount, hypermarket to local shops, or DIY shops and coffee capsules makers…

Here are some of clients in RETAIL:  “Auchan, BHV, Beauty Success, Carrefour, Centre Leclerc, Cora, Darty, Delhaize, Du bruit dans la cuisine, Intermarché, Leader Price, Leroy Merlin, Louis Vuitton, Nespresso, Système U...” 

What motivated your decision to take part in Equipmag?

A large amount of our customers have a retail activity. This biennial event represents an exceptional opportunity to exchange views on innovations. It is also a special time for us to share our experience and best practices with all Retail players. It is our 13th consecutive participation since 1992. 

What are your thoughts about the creation of Paris Retail Week and Equipmag being held jointly with E-Commerce Paris?

There is a very trendy word in the software sector: “responsive”. The Retail is increasingly responsive. As consumers, we all wish to be able to buy and have the same Customer Experience regardless of the channel used. The Retail and E-Commerce complement one another: brands know it.

In a nutshell, it is a great idea! But it needs more strength and reach. Europe has many innovative concepts to share with the world. 

Paris Retail Week is:

  • Sept. 2017
  • Sept. 2018