6 questions to R-Tek Manufacturing

Interview of Jemma Geary, Digital Marketing & PR at R-Tek Manufacturing.


Jemma Geary, Digital Marketing & PR at R-Tek Manufacturing (UK)

Can you briefly describe your activity?

R-Tek Manufacturing provides interlocking flooring solutions for all industry applications; industrial, commercial, factory & warehousing, garage, gym, ESD, gym & residential. 

What are the main features of your services? What are the innovations you will be putting forward?

R-Tek Manufacturing are the only manufacturer on the market to offer an R-11 rated interlocking floor tile in our design collection range, which is a new patented range of robust, hidden interlock loose lay LVT.

Customers have reported that the top three benefits of using R-Tile interlocking floor tiles are; that there was no disruption to daily business during installation, therefore no loss in revenue; there was no subfloor preparation needed which saved time and effort; and they are easily cleaned and maintained due to their PU coating. 

What are the trends in your field market?

R-Tek Manufacturing identified the need in the market for more modern looking, loose lay interlocking floor tiles that remained cost effective, long lasting and provided a better solution than epoxy/resin. R-Tek Manufacturing worked with an international commercial chain, Tesco to produce the ‘Terrazo Design Tile’, which involved a stringent design and manufacturing process. R-Tek Manufacturing’s commitment to developing this product range has resulted in numerous installations across many chains. 

Who are your current customers and which audience would you like to reach?

Our customers include international commercial chains like Tesco, Adidas, Armani and national chains in the UK like Asda, Sainburys, Sports Direct and the Co-Op. We would like to talk to commercial and retail stores of all shapes and sizes to discuss the benefits of using the wide range of versatile flooring solutions that we offer. 

What motivated your decision to take part in Equipmag?

We are looking forward to exhibiting at Equipmag because it has the reputation of being the number one place for retail and commercial professionals to discover the latest solutions. It’s the perfect chance for us to showcase our new patented range of interlocking floor tiles, the R-Tile Design Collection which was developed with Tesco to meet the needs of this market. 

What are your thoughts about the creation of Paris Retail Week and Equipmag being held jointly with E-Commerce Paris?

We think it’s brilliant to have Equipmag held jointly with E-commerce Paris as it provides a wider variety of attendees for us to engage with, not only to showcase our products but to also discover first hand major trends or issues in the commercial and retail industry. 

Paris Retail Week is:

  • Sept. 2017
  • Sept. 2018