6 questions to Cross Agency

Interview of Sébastien TOURNE, Senior merchandising consultant & Associate at Cross.


Sébastien Tourné, Senior merchandising consultant & Associate at Cross 

Can you briefly describe your activity?

We are a consulting and creation agency. We accompany our clients (brands and retailers) in their quest for in-store performances. To be efficient, creative solutions must be guided by strategic visions in order to solve our clients’ issues.

We create retail concepts, merchandising strategies and train teams to merchandising and category management.

Our 22 years of experience (previously Mathemapartners, Loom&co, then Cross) make us believe that creation and deep analysis association are the best ways to develop efficient concepts.

What are the main features of your services? What are the innovations you will be putting forward?

We are the only retail design agency with such a merchandising expertise on the market. Our analysis and decision making abilities about a point of sale or a category merchandising, give creation real abilities to express itself, with commercial and operational efficacy. Our concept’s ROI are above others.

What are the trends in your field market?

A retail concept should always be a modern answer to consumer’s expectations (modern design, digital solutions, cross canality), but with a high respect of shops’ fundamentals: easy access to offers, and qualitative human action.

The creation of such a new concept for a retailer is an increasingly difficult stake, because return on investment is over controlled. Clients’ teams are overloaded, budgets are limited, and they are facing new digital solutions, new medias, with no proofs of efficiency. Thus, our job has evolved to a wider consulting partnership rather than an archtectural design one.

Who are your current customers and which audience would you like to reach?

We have two types of customers:

  • retailers, whose point of sales have to be more efficient (Tollens, Sport 2000, Magasins Verts, Services Funéraires de la Ville de Paris, Baguépi, Samsonite…)
  • brands, who want to increase sales and visibility in their retail networks (Garmin, Legrand, Bel, GlaxoSmithkline, Johnson&Johnson…)

 We love to work with ambitious brands, human and ethic companies.

What motivated your decision to take part in Equipmag?

We need to develop our notoriety. This is an opportunity to meet our future clients, to talk with them, explain them our different working methods.

We like meeting new partners, creating innovative solutions for our clients, new materials, new technologies...

What are your thoughts about the creation of Paris Retail Week and Equipmag being held jointly with E-Commerce Paris?

It is a very good idea, as multichannel retail is not an option. Interaction between click and mortar shops is on stake for both retailers and brands. However, I have not experienced the organization yet. I have great expectations about conferences and links between various expertises.

Paris Retail Week is:

  • Sept. 2017
  • Sept. 2018