6 questions to FAPEC

Interview of Audrey Heimendinger, Sales Director at FAPEC

Audrey Heimendinger, Sales Director at FAPEC

Can you briefly describe your activity?

Fapec designs and manufactures shop fittings, such as corner stands and displays, for store chains, franchises, service brands and more, as well as brands developing the same concepts and making their related communication available around the world.

What are the main features of your services? What are the innovations you will be putting forward?


Based on the brief and the global communication of the brand, FAPEC optimises stands or displays that convey the image of the brand and highlight product ranges while also featuring technical and practical storage functions.

What are the trends in your field market?

Two trends have surfaced:

  • The demand for connected fittings in order to link the point of sale to the digital world: this is visible through the incorporation of more and more technology in the fittings (in order to transmit information via wifi, RFID or USB sticks, to adopt international wiring standards, etc.). It is also important to anticipate future needs in terms of connectivity, such as a change in IT hardware, etc.
  • The desire for warm and welcoming stores, a setting where the consumer feels very much "at home". For example, Fapec has created spaces for Laforêt that inspire dreams of a modern home. In the new concept of "Beauty Sisters" by the Beauty Success Group, chests of drawers, mirrors etc. transform the shop into a typical Parisian-style apartment, a way of making people want to spend time at and return to the point of sale.

Who are your current customers and which audience would you like to reach?

Our customers share the common theme of developing product ranges or concepts that usually on an international level. They come from very different business sectors, but this diversity also means a wealth of ideas. For example, these include:

  • In beauty: Kérastase, L’Oréal Coiffure, Yves Rocher, Sephora, L’Occitane, PHR pharmacies, etc.
  • In connected products: The Kase, Lick, SFR, etc.
  • In leisure: Club Med, Fnac, Laforêt, Leroy Merlin, LG, Monnaie de Paris, etc.
  • In fashion, jewellery and eyewear: Izac, Atol, Krys, Tag Heuer, Le Manège à Bijoux/E.Leclerc
  • In food: Lixir, Intercaves, etc.

We wish to target all concept developers who need to duplicate fittings, displays, etc. on a large scale.  

What motivated your decision to take part in Equipmag?

Above all, we would like the opportunity to meet with new brands to introduce our expertise and French-made savoir-faire, as well as our industrial capacity, our services and more.

What are your thoughts about the creation of Paris Retail Week and Equipmag being held jointly with E-Commerce Paris?

This enables all retail professions to be brought together at the same venue and to offer the best solutions for this complex environment.  All distribution sectors should be interacting, whether this is digital information technology in stores, distance sales outside the store, or internet purchasing along with collection at the point of sale.

A global trade fair allows all stakeholders in this industry to meet, talk, find out more complete information with links between the different sectors (furniture manufacturers, signage, payment systems, digital terminals, etc.) and to connect the world of the physical store with that of e-commerce.

Paris Retail Week represents the vehicle for new ideas that will participate in the advances of tomorrow.

Paris Retail Week is:

  • Sept. 2017
  • Sept. 2018