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Interview of Alvaro Angulo, CEO of TC Group Solutions

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Alvaro Angulo, CEO of TC Group Solutions

Can you briefly describe your activity?

At TC Group Solutions we develop technological solutions to collect, store, process and analyze big data which turns around and interacts with commercial establishments. We offer our clients, mainly retailers with a chain of shops, a global service of Big Data and Retail Intelligence solutions, which both are flexible and customizable to each company to optimize the management of their outlets.

What are the main features of your services? What are the innovations you will be putting forward?

Our technology solutions allow to understand the behavior routines and preferences of the target audience. With our products, the retailer can locate where and how its consumers move, where, when and how to connect with them; knowledge of these data is one of the key success factors for any retail chain in the world.

This year TC Group Solutions participates in Equipmag with a 28m2 stand that will present the Shop of the Future; a shop equipped with indoor and outdoor traffic counters, wi-fi sensors, customer segmentation cameras and devices beacons. This way, the customer can know for himself the benefits that technology and the BIG DATA can bring to the " Shop of the Future ".

What are the trends in your field market?

Information has become the fuel for the sustainability and growth of the retail sector. At the time of the paradigm shift caused by the rise of new technologies which, in turn, transform the behavior of consumers, the data came to stay and help those who need to communicate with more demanding and independent consumers.

But the information is interpreted by data and not by knowledge. For the retail works intelligently, it needs critical knowledge. So to collect, store, process and analyze the data, a technological tool is required for the transformation of data into knowledge. Here is where TC Group Solutions is committed.

In this context, the Big Data appears as a set of data (macro data and micro-data) structured based on specific algorithms that generate knowledge enabling retailers to wisely guide their future decisions.

Who are your current customers and which audience would you like to reach?

We work with retail chains that have a network of several hundred outlets. However, we also work with smaller clients. Our products can adapt very well to any type of retailer. We work with local and international retailer, we support them in their internationalization process thanks to our presence in over 20 countries on 4 continents. To date, TC Group counts more than 10,000 sensors installed throughout the world.

Among our main customers: Vodafone, Orange, Alain Afflelou, Spartoo, Sensee, L’Oréal Paris et NYX, Jardiland, Yves Rocher, G-Star, El Ganso, Nice Things, Superdry, Brico Dépôt, La Chaise Longue, Diesel, Prenatal, Boboli, Disney Store, Eureka Kids, New Balance, Brownie, Hurley,  among others.

What motivated your decision to take part in Equipmag?

Equipmag is for us the main and indispensable appointment in France. We meet our target audience of retailers who need to leverage technology to enhance their competition, to modernize and adapt to a new socio-economic situation in which technology is in the agenda.

What are your thoughts about the creation of Paris Retail Week and Equipmag being held jointly with E-Commerce Paris?

This is a very good idea, I think it's an advertising slogan that can bring more people to this area, which ultimately is very positive as it becomes the main location of the retail sector meetings. 

Paris Retail Week is:

  • Sept. 2017
  • Sept. 2018