Special event

Lighting Spirit - Smart Lighting

A space dedicated to smart lighting, developed in partnership with Club Enseigne & Innovation.


Adapting the quality, the perception and the amount of light in the surrounding environment is the reason of being of lighting manufacturers. The connected society has opened up new horizons for in-store lighting.

More efficient, more economical, more flexible and above all smarter, lighting becomes an essential tool for highlighting products.

The technical nature of products is put at everyone’s reach through connectivity ... and tomorrow will be even better than today.

The Club Enseigne & Innovation invites you to discover, in its Village, the smart lighting concepts developed for retail outlets by Ansorg, IPSO and Fagerhult.

The concepts presented in the Lighting Spirit space


Ansorg present its light management system "EASY", a dynamic lighting solution for the sales area that allows to simply program on a tablet the different stagings of products based on the period (opening / closing, peaks of traffic, etc.). An intuitive tool to save different lighting scenes and adjust lighting intensity without loss of quality and while achieving energy savings.


IPSO will demonstrate its lighting concepts incorporating geolocation and connected applications. The light becomes an assistant to navigate into the store and allows a better management of consumption. Intelligent, lighting is adaptive and serves multiple interests: saving of an additional infrastructure, improving the customer experience and real-time analysis of the point of sale.


Fagerhult will present several smart lighting concepts for sales outlets:

  • The Tunable White technology: adjust the lighting to your needs! The Tunable White technology can change the lighting and atmosphere of the store throughout the day. The change in color temperature depending on the layout of the store creates a dynamic lighting.
  • e-Sense Organic: Manage the traffic of your store! e-Sense Organic is a technology that can detect and quantify the presence and customer movements in a store. It is therefore possible to precisely adjust its merchandising based on the results.
  • The Light Box: Imagine an intelligent and adaptable lighting! The Light Box is an intelligent color detection system. The luminaire, placed in a box, detects the color of the object and adjusts the color temperature depending on the nature of this object.

Paris Retail Week is:

  • Sept. 2017
  • Sept. 2018