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Speaking at Paris Retail Week means taking part in the e-business reference event where the whole environment meets.

Solutions Workshops

Speaking at Paris Retail Week means taking part in the e-business reference event where the whole environment meets.

The Solutions Workshops at Paris Retail Week are the ideal opportunity to showcase your expertise, your innovations and to position yourself with regard to the market’s new trends.

A whole 45 minutes slot to present your offers, share your experience and expertise or to unveil a product launch before a discerning audience made of experts and decision-makers.

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You want to host a Solutions Workshop?

Leverage your expertise with visitors and present your new products or a case study with one of your customers.

After the show you will receive the list of registrants and participants in order to follow up leads.

Your Solutions Workshop will benefit from visibility on the conference/workshop programme (internet, app, social media, newsletters, etc.) and on site (on the Social Wall and in the print programme).

2018 Workshops' themes



Choosing a platform, creating & developing a website, choosing a payment / m-payment solution


Once you have found an idea, how do you choose your technological solution: industrial platform, open-source development, delegation, packaged platforms and/or membership to a marketplace?


Choosing all the components of a site: ergonomics, hosting, mobile component, speed optimisation solutions, payment, certifications...and of course how to develop it (A/B testing, cart optimisers, etc.).


Tools and solutions enabling online retailers to offer their customers to finalise their purchases through a secured, ergonomic and innovative solution, on one or several terminals, either independently or in an integrated way.    



Optimising the customer relationship, exploiting multiple screens, engaging customers, developing cross-channel distribution, recruiting & building loyalty, using data and measuring effectiveness


Before, during and after the act of purchase: services to inform, satisfy and help the customer (call centers, help tchat, virtual assistant, customer service, etc.).


Tools and techniques to take advantage of the trend for multiple devices (Mobiles, Tablets, Smart TVs).


Tools and techniques to cultivate your reputation, to make customers latch onto the brand to guarantee their loyalty and develop sales (e-reputation, Social Marketing, etc.).


Solutions to develop cross-channel marketing, to link up in-store and digital: web to store, click & collect, digitization of the point of sales, unified experience, etc.


Tools and techniques for attracting and retaining customers, optimising campaigns (emailing, loyalty-building solutions, competitions, etc.).


Solutions to improve your knowledge of your customers through the use of data (CRM, Datamining, Surveys, Big Data, etc.). Tools and techniques to measure and optimise performances (Webanalytics, Social Media optimisation, etc.).



Developing & optimising logistics


Solutions and services for the shipping or return of the customer's purchase taking into account security, speed, proximity and cost (logistics hubs, carriers, freighters, postal services, packaging, etc.).


Stock management and logistics optimisation.



Digitisation of the point of sale


Digital applications to increase business efficiency and optimize the customer experience.


Solutions to develop connected commerce.



International, legal framework, fraud


Optimise your international development, identify, understand and anticipate the weaknesses and threats of each development, understand the legal and fiscal concerns, find the best local partners…

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