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Several offers to exhibit in the E-Commerce sector of Paris Retail Week 2018.

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The E-COMMERCE sector: the stands' offer

Enjoy a discount of -30€/sq.m before 03/15/2018

The stands from 9 to 15 sq.m, equipped and customized

Equipment included (i.e 453€/sq.m of bare surface + 270 €/sq.m of equipment)

Rate: 723€ excl. VAT/sq.m

Stands from 15 to 24 sq.m

Choose between a bare surface or an equipped stand.

Bare surface: 432€ excl. VAT/sq.m

Stands from 24 sq.m

Choose between a bare surface or an equipped stand.

Bare surface: 407€ excl. VAT/sq.m

Start-Up Area

Module of 6 sq.m reserved for companies that have operated for less than 2 years. A K-Bis extract must be provided.

Rate: 2,550€ excl. VAT/sq.m

See details about the Start-up module

The Naço equipped stand

Designed by M. Joulia

Optional from 15 sq.m, compulsory for stands betweeen 9 and 15 sq.m.

Rate: 270€ excl. VAT/sq.m

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stand naço
Picture for illustration purposes only.

The package includes:

  • Exhibition space
  • Carpet tiles (0,96 m x 1 m), choice of 2 colours (grey or burgundy red)
  • Structure, bright white partitions (thickness 10 cm, height 2.70 m), wings (partition head) in anodized aluminum
  • 1 sq.m storeroom
  • Digital sign-board (tablet format) with exhibitor name and stand number, located at partition head
  • Back-lit partition sign-board
  • Wall lighting and brackets, grey metal + led (2 per 9 sq.m)
  • Stand dimensions: Length from 3 to 12 m (multiple of 1 m); Depth 2, 3 or 4 m; Maximum surface 36 sq.m
  • Integrated plugs in the bottom of partitions
  • 3 Kw non-permanent electrical connection (in the storeroom)
  • 480€ excl.VAT decoration package (gives you the right to order furniture, plants, etc. on the show on-line shop)
  • Daily cleaning (including the evening before opening)

Discover the Naço stand in 3D in video!

Who is Marcelo Joulia?


Stand Paris Retail Week Start-up
stand équipé startup

2 550€ excl. VAT per equipped stand of 6 sq.m

This offer is reserved for companies that have operated for less than 2 years. A K-Bis extract must be provided to the Organizer. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse to allow any company which does not fulfill the admission criteria to participate.

The package includes:

  • The exhibition area
  • The carpet (color fixed by the Organizer)
  • White melamine walls
  • 1 spot of 100W per stand
  • Power supply (opening hours)
  • 1 triple plug
  • Flag sign 450 x 450, with your company name and stand number
  • Furniture: 1 counter, 1 stool, 1 basket
  • Daily cleaning of your stand: removal of the plastic protective films of the carpet, cleaning the day before the opening, emptying of the bins and aspiration of the carpets, wiping of the counters.
  • Internet connection

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