1. General

What are the dates of the show? Fermer

The next edition of Paris Retail Week will run from Tuesday 19th to Thursday 21st of September 2017.

Opening hours:

  • Tuesday, September 19th: 9:30 am to 6:30 pm
  • Wednesday, September 20th: 9:30 am to 6:30 pm
  • Thursday, September 21st: 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

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Where will the show take place? Fermer

The next edition of Paris Retail Week will take place in the Pavilion 7.3 of the Paris Porte de Versailles exhibition center.






What are the dates and schedules for setting up and dismantling stands? Fermer

For the exhibitors with a bare stand:

  • assembly from: September 16th: 2.00 pm – 10.00 pm, September 17th: 8.00 am – 10.00 pm and September 18th: 8.00 am – 10.00 pm
  • dismantling from: September 21st: 7.00 pm - midnight and September 22nd: 7.00 am - 2.00 pm

For the exhibitors with an equipped stand:

  • assembly from: September 17th: 8.00 am – 10.00 pm and September 18th: 8.00 am – 10.00 pm
  • dismantling from: September 21st: 7.30 pm - midnight

To consult the dates and schedules for setting up, dismantling, power supply and opening hours, check the Exhibitor's Guide (page 43).

How do I access my exhibitor area? Fermer

Your exhibitor area, which allows you to prepare your participation in Paris Retail Week, is available by clicking here

To log in to your personal area, you have to enter your login (email used for your registration) and your password (sent by email by our Customer Relations department).

How to get my exhibitor badges? Fermer

You must order your exhibitor badges online in your Exhibitor area.

The exhibitor badges quota is based on the surface of your stand.

Starting from September 7th, every registered person will receive a confirmation email which allows to retrieve his/her badge at the show

Please note that registration confirmations are only sent against the receipt of full payment of your stand.

Should you need extra exhibitor badges, please contact Nadia Bessa, Customer Service Officer: [email protected]  or Patricia Guerquin, Customer Service Officer: [email protected].

I'm looking for the Exhibitor's Guide... Fermer

Click here to download the 2017 Exhibitor's Guide.

The Exhibitor's Guide is also available in your Exhibitor Area.

When will I be able to order my communication tools and register my company in the official catalogue? Fermer

Some of our communication tools are already available, such as the publication of your press releases and the media kit. To access these communication tools, please click here.

The entire communication tools' offer and the official catalogue registration are available on your Exhibitor area. To order communication and sponsoring tools, go to the section "My Store". For the Show Guide registration and the new products declaration, click on the buttons on the right of the Dashboard or in the "My communication" section.

Where can I download the Paris Retail Week logos and banners? Fermer

Find the Paris Retail Week logos and banners here.

The standard and customed banners (with your stand number) are available in your Exhibitor Area

Is it accessible for disabled visitors? Fermer

The Paris Porte de Versailles exhibition centre is equipped to host disabled guests. Electric wheelchairs* are available for disabled visitors for the duration of the visit, and all car parks have parking spaces for people with reduced mobility.

For more information, please contact the Paris Porte de Versailles Information Desk at +33(0) 1 40 68 22 22.

* Limited availability and against a deposit of your ID card.

Can I still get the E-COMMERCE PARIS or EQUIPMAG 2016 official catalogues? Fermer

The E-COMMERCE PARIS and EQUIPMAG 2016 official catalogues are no longer available.

You can check the 2016 exhibitors' lists online:

See the EQUIPMAG 2016 exhibitors' list

See the E-COMMERCE PARIS 2016 exhibitors' list

2. Registration and logistics organization

How to make a quotation to exhibit in 2016? Fermer

You can make an online quotation for a stand, a Solutions Workshop and sponsoring options, and book a stand for Paris Retail Week 2017 by clicking here.

Feel free to contact our sales team for information on the next edition.

How can I get the participation file? Fermer

Registrations can only be made on our registration platform.

Estimate the cost of your participation, book your stand and/or your solutions workshops online.


Make a quotation

What is the difference between paper and electronic application forms? Fermer

None, except that by completing the electronic participation form, you do not need to fill it in by hand. The fields in your form are automatically filled in based on the answers that you provided on the online platform.

To sum up, the electronic participation form is a single, simplified application process for a quick and easy estimate of your budget. 

Once your registration is confirmed, go straight to your online Exhibitor area to find out all you need for your participation (additional orders, exhibitors badges, communication tools...).

To avoid oversights and improve readability, we urge you to use this medium.

How to be sure that my online registration is completed? Fermer

When you will valid your online registration, you will receive a notification by e-mail.

When will I be able to order the services related to my stand (exhibitors' badges, technical services, decoration, ...)? Fermer

You will be able to order all the services related to your stand directly in your Exhibitor Area from the beginning of June.


Is there a Wifi access? Fermer

The Wifi access on the stand is a paid service to order directly in your Exhibitor area.

Wifi operates on 2 frequency bands: 2.4 GHz frequency and 5 GHz frequency.

Here is a complete information note on the internet-wifi items.

How to book a meeting room? Fermer

You may reserve meeting rooms during the trade show.
If you want to receive a room rental proposal, please contact VIPARIS at +33 (0)1 40 68 22 22.

I would like to broadcast music and audiovisual on my stand… Fermer

To install a sound system with recorded CD or DVD on your stand and obtain autorization from SACEM, you need to declare it online: http://www.sacem.fr/cms/home/utilisateurs/diffuser/stand/sonorisation-stand and send the payment before the exhibition.

If you install a sound system in the whole space or if you organize parties or musical events during the show, you also need to declare it to SACEM who will send you the appropriate material for the statement of your event.

Is there a catering service on the show? Fermer

The dealer is at your disposal to organize your receptions: meals, buffets, cocktails whatever space you occupy.
If you want to use your usual caterer, for delivery of food & beverage, you must notify VIPARIS (contact hereafter) in advance for us to sign him with a temporary contract required for his intervention on the Exhibition, and after which it will pay a corkage fee.

For more information you can contact:

Park Dealer

Declaration of caterer


Sales Department

+33 (0)1 57 25 10 00

[email protected]



Concession Department


+33 (0)1 40 68 14 46

[email protected] 

Is there any cloakroom? Fermer

A cloakroom is available at the entrance of the exhibition. The rate is 2€ per item.

Please note: The cloakroom is free for visitors with a Honour Guest or VIP badge.


Paris Retail Week is:

  • Sept. 2017
  • Sept. 2018