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Strategy, Digital and Innovation Director, E.Leclerc

Strategy, Digital and Innovation Director, E.Leclerc

Business Theme Mentor : Marketing Innovation 

"The aim of marketing has always been to give our customers the best-adapted offer, but with the help of digital tools, innovative marketing can take on a vast new scope! My goal is to take advantage of this fact and provide a richer experience, but one that is always in line with our brand's promises."

Bercy (French finance ministry), the Boston Consulting Group, fashion and retailing: in over 15 years, Maud has enjoyed a rich, multifaceted career, but always in fast-changing environments. Her analytical skills and strong sensitivity to consumer products and behaviour made it natural for her to turn towards digital technology and marketing. She likes to develop a vision and take care of the first operational phases to ensure that the project comes to fruition, adjusting the direction and getting the teams on board. The digital sector is her "playground", whether it is seen as a sales channel, a communications tool or a way to invent tomorrow's new services and offers.

Her specialities: omnichannel strategy, digital transformation, marketing & CRM, retail & consumer aspects

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