SEPT 2021


Shopper Observer survey: 5 retail trends in 2019

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For Paris Retail Week 2019, the trade show has partnered with Havas Paris to conduct a retail trends survey.

After having surveyed French, Chinese and American consumers about their expectations of retailers, Paris Retail Week and Havas Paris have identified five major trends that will impact tomorrow's business.


Eco-responsibility becomes a real purchasing criteria 

Concern for the environment is now a purchasing factor in its own right. Today, people all over the world are well aware of environment issues. These vital questions have an impact on the ways people consume. We are in a new era of consumption, where brands and retailers need to adopt a more environmentally-friendly approach. 55% of consumers believe it is possible to consume as they have always done without harming the environment.

Consumers are more and more radical

A simpler daily life, a more fluid purchasing experience, a desire for more commitment, new experiences and surprises… Consumers' now have new expectations, and retailers will need to meet them. Faced with more demanding consumers, retailers must be more radical than ever before. So retailers are providing more cutting-edge offers and more striking concepts to meet shoppers' high standards. 70 % of consumers today think all shops are the same.

The return of in-store product testing

A shop is the natural place to see and experience products before purchasing them. Trying out products is a vital element in the in-store experience, which is seen as a moment of truth for consumers disappointed by online shopping. People are like St Thomas and only believe what they can see and touch. 74 % of consumers express disappointment because they cannot try out products when shopping online.

Artificial intelligence at work for physical retailing

Some have imagined replacing human beings in a range of retail situations, including welcoming and advising customers, personal coaching and even in sales, while others are ready to delegate companies' essential roles, such as creating or designing products. For consumers, AI is on hand to make recommendations or purchases on their behalf. 64% of French consumers think that AI will help retailers to better understand their needs.

A return to form for physical retail

The lowered shutters are coming up again. Big city high streets are seeing the arrival of new retailers. Yet, the new dynamic in physical retailing, especially in its most original forms, takes inspiration from players with a digital background. Their approach is free of inhibitions, they are young and their focus is on UX. The result is some surprising formats and real models for retailers looking to make it new.