SEPT 2022


SEPT 2022



The finalists of the Paris Retail Awards

See you on Septembre 24th 2019 to discover the winners.

Paris Retail Awards are sponsored by EULERIAN


Discover the finalists who will have a chance to win one of the nine Paris Retail Awards' price. 

And the nominees are : 



Innovation : PXM - Product Experience Management

With Akeneo's product experience management solutions (PXM), brands and retailers can create memorable and contextualised product experiences adapted to each channel, helping raise conversion rates, reduce product returns and boost brand loyalty.


Multi-local advertising

Armis has developed an SaaS platform to digitise paper advertising and retailers' commercial campaigns using artificial intelligence.

We help retailers reduce their advertising campaign costs and boost turnover by increasing store traffic using more effective, local communication, optimised for each store.


Innovation : Proximis Unified Commerce

Proximis is the only unified commerce solution aimed at retailers and brands, enabling them to eliminate friction in consumers' purchasing experience. In stores or online, consumers regularly discover that products are sold out, even though the retailer has the products they are looking for. Proximis has the unique capacity to locate products whether they are and make them available to consumers through a single shopping basket



Innovation : Kameleoon Predict

Kameleoon Predict is a technological solution that is unique on the European market, helping e-commerce and marketing managers to measure the buying intentions and commitment in real time of all website visitors (customers, prospects, whether logged in or not), and to customise messages, content and offers shown to each one.


VUSION Rail is a video rail designed to digitise and bring to life store shelves. With a very high resolution LCD screen connected to the Cloud on the VUSION platform developed by SES-imagotag, the VUSION Rail will synchronise marketing campaigns (web to store) in real time and easily display video content for brands and retailers.


Innovation : Target2Sell True AI-Driven Content Personalization

Customising content is a trending theme and may even seem quite conventional. In fact, a real A.I. approach to this type of customisation is totally new. In partnership with major French retailers, including Auchan, Target2Sell has developed a personalised customer experience that is unique in terms of content. It is based on Machine Learning, the Neural Networks and Deep Learning – with sector rules adapted to the constraints of the Content Factories set up by the retailers.



Innovation : Cubyn Fulfillment

With over 2 million packages sent out since it was set up, Cubyn is now launching its new Fulfillment offer. It will provide e-retailers with a logistics solution costing 30% less than regular service-providers' offers. The solution is fully integrated into sales channels and helps maintain real-time control over all the logistics system via a simple interface (reception of stock, inventory management, sending out orders, handling returns and customer service).


Innovation : Compath

Compath is a unified product designed to optimise deliveries and customer satisfaction in the foodtech world. Delivery staff manage the reception and delivery of orders and payment via a single interface. In the back-office, managers can visualise and manage logistics and delivery staff location and organise their rounds in real time.

At the same time, customers know exactly at what time deliveries will be made and are updated about the delivery.


Innovation : Onestock

OneStock is an agile Order Management System (OMS) for retailers.

The strength of our solution lies in unifying stocks, allowing retailers to fully deploy their omnichannel strategy.

OneStock optimises order processing and improves customer experience thanks to a set of agile solutions dedicated to coordinating orders.



Innovation : Bazaarvoice Rating and Reviews Technology

Bazaarvoice connects brands and retailers to consumers, so that every shopping experience feels personal. From search and discovery to purchase and advocacy, Bazaarvoice’s solutions reach in-market shoppers, personalise their experiences, and give them the confidence to buy. Each month in the Bazaarvoice Network, more than one billion consumers view and share authentic content including reviews, questions and answers, and social photos across 6,000 brand and retail websites.


Pop-Up Solution: the mobile future for marketing and events-planning

Using a metal box with an industrial design, we set up a friendly and professional space for you. Our main aim is to guarantee originality for the venue. The goal is to transform customer experience and provide a new commercial events solution. Both the brand and the event make direct contact with the customer/supporter. A 100% customisable solution!


 Innovation : Giving the final customer control over making orders

 NCPI is planning to include its HiFive POS tablet (3 formats) in interactive terminals, as well as in tables in stores so that retailers can give customers a chance to make orders independently. What are the advantages? Lower labour costs, higher revenues, less queuing for customers, eliminating misunderstandings when orders are made, while not forgetting the playful and attractive side of the object!



Innovation : Mirakl Connect

Mirakl Connect is the eco-system dedicated to marketplaces.

On a single platform, it brings together all the key players in the world of marketplaces:

- The marketplace operators using Mirakl

- The best marketplace sellers

- Partners providing services and technologies adapted to marketplaces

The aim is to speed up the growth of digital eco-systems.


Innovation : Product Graph

Product Graph is a Shopping Feed innovation helping to perfect search-engine optimisation in voice shopping, the next trend in e-commerce. This is a world first that has been presented to Google and SquareSpace, two of the Shopping Feed company's US partners.


Innovation : Wizaplace

Wizaplace is the first "all-in-one" platform dedicated to setting up marketplaces. In a single environment it combines the administrator's back office, the seller's back office and the customer front office to make managing a marketplace easy. The Saas solution is based on a complete functional core with native incorporation of a PIM marketplace, an OMS, an internal CRM, a financial management module, merchandising tools and a messaging service.



Innovation : Biometric card

The biometric card allows our clients to pay over € 30 in contactless. The contactless remains disabled as long as the wearer does not position his thumb on the sensor, if the authentication is correct the wearer pays 0 € and beyond 30 €. This card does not have a battery. Payment is not accepted if the holder is not the right one. We have in contact mode the PIN code and the bio authentication for the contactless, this use case being close to the mobile payment.


Innovation : SmartPay.me

SmartPay.me is a Mobile Instant Checkout solution for white-label products, helping retailers and banks provide the same purchasing scenarios as AliPay or WeChat Checkout directly from their own Apps.
We make 3D Secure transparent and disrupt payment schemes (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) with Open Banking and TIPS.


Innovation : Viacash

Viacash is a tool to develop innovative financial services in stores. Through our white-label solution integrated into the bank applications of innovative European banks, we:

- redirect our customers towards your stores

- display your brand in the application

- pay commissions on each transaction.

And all with very low implementation costs and 0 square metres of space taken up.

Viacash is now deployed in 16,000 POS in Europe.



Innovation : CS Live

CS Live is a technology used to revolutionize professionals gain insights into the customers’ digital experience.

CS LIVE users simply browse their web site and they instantly have access to a wide range of powerful and unique actionable Customer Experience metrics: click and engagement rate, revenue metrics and engagement KPIs.

CS LIVE helps organisations to understand users behaviour and provides actionable insights used to drive the optimisation of the customer experience and conversion rates.



Innovation : Clienteling solution for the retail sector

The retail sector use precise client segmentation and CRM programs to ensure a personalized relationship with their clients. Still, the boutiques have some weaknesses to tackle regarding the executions of these CRM campaigns :

no professional tool, lists are managed through excel files, heavy monitoring…

Octipas solution : empower stores to pro-actively drive their clienteling through the automatization of contact opportunities, easy access to content and KPIs follow-up, increase sales...




Innovation : Customised marketing platform

 The Marketing Advalo platform helps retailers who have grasped the urgency of adopting customised marketing by detecting the key moments in the purchasing experience. Using artificial intelligence algorithms and innovative predictive models, the Advalo omnichannel platform takes advantage of physical and digital behavioural data and CRM to address consumers at all points of contact, with messages responding to their wishes and needs.


Innovation : Aifora Retail Automation Platform

The aifora retail automation platform enables retailers to optimize their pricing and inventory and automate the underlying processes. Using data from the retailers’ ERP systems (sales data, inventory data, etc.) as well as external data (weather data, market data, etc.), our machine learning algorithms forecast future consumer demand. Based on the forecast demand, pricing and inventory management can be optimized in real-time across all sales channels, thus driving revenues and profits.


Innovation : Vocal Cookie

The "Vocal Cookie" is an innovative A.I. technology collecting 100% of Conversational Data from phone calls and merging them with the digital customer experience. 
The customer's voice is analysed in real time, with calls generated using signal analysis, voice recognition and semantic analysis technology.
These data are fed directly into analytical tools (GA, Salesforce, etc.) for the marketing and sales teams.



Innovation : Tak-one

GALAM ROBOTICS has developed "TAK-ONE", the 1st totally modular automated storage system. The solution resembles a gigantic Rubik’s Cube. It is both very fast and highly compact. 

Our solution is particularly relevant for urban logistics. "TAK-ONE" is designed for all retail players wishing to give a big boost to productivity and to make their in-store storage or urban logistics hubs more compact.


Innovation : Teester

Teester is the 1st platform for User-Generated Content in Video.

 Our solutions cover the entire value chain from A to Z: from identifying customers, implementation, post-production, sharing and analysis of KPIs:

- Identification of relevant profiles

- Support for customers in creating videos

- Moderation (Brand Safe)

- Automised post-production (improving sound/image, branded intro/outro and watermarks, motion design, copyright-free music, sub-titles, etc.)

- Managing and retrieving image rights (copyright)

- Broadcasting (customised reader designed for integrating e-commerce + shopping video gallery)

- Analysis of KPIs (increased rate of conversion, sales, views, average time per video, sharing, etc.)

- Download of content in the right format for each media (Insta, FB, Twitter, etc.)

- Automated management of rewards for creators of videos


Innovation : Shopopop, collaborative delivery

Our collaborative delivery platform helps our community supplement their income during their daily commute. We resolve the issue of the last mile in cities and the countryside using an ecological and social approach. In April 2019, Shopopop was available in 44 French departments and made daily deliveries to over 500 people.