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Stéphane Amarsy – CEO Inbox

Stéphane Amarsy – CEO Inbox 

According to you, what are the main news, trends and innovations in your market?

Stéphane Amarsy Inbox
Stéphane Amarsy Inbox

The retail market is undergoing a transformation. It is "jostled" by the growing share of e-commerce and marketplaces. The "Phygital", the interdependence of the physical store and the digital, is a reality. The consumer is volatile and "impatient". It multiplies the points of contact (store, website, mobile app, social networks, chat, connected object, etc.) but is more and more demanding about the experience offered by brands.

The only way for retailers to meet these expectations is to anticipate the needs of customers by playing the hyper-personalization card.

The use of these exponential volumes of data is only possible with the use new technologies based on Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Paradoxically these techniques have become essential to put more emotion in the customer relationship!


What are the features of your solution and who is it for?

The use of massive data responds to a major challenge for companies: to improve the customer knowledge in order to consider our singularity in the marketing approach. We recently launched 2 tools using the new Big Data and Machine / Deep learning technologies, and one of our goals was to "democratize" the use of predictive marketing by "offering" data science and arbitrage to marketers while guaranteeing the results.

The first, D-Predict is a solution that builds and industrializes self-learning predictive models and that meets two marketing goals:

  • Optimize the ROI thanks to a better allocation of the promotions and a better targeting. It is part of a process of hyper-personalization of the customer relationship
  • Generate additional sales thanks to the detection of new opportunities.

The second, D-FoX, is a relational marketing solution, which allows to arbitrate for each customer and channel between the numerous opportunities and possible contact reasons. Marketers themselves drive the algorithms by defining business priorities (according to products, promotions, customer profile ...)

The solution becomes a trusted colleague and a facilitator of customer experience management!


What does the Paris Retail Week event represent for your business?

This show is a reference in the field of Retail. This year, Paris Retail Week is under the theme of digital transformation and our solutions are part of this transformation. This is the opportunity to meet professionals who are looking for innovations that will help them to not miss this revolution!

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