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Victoria Weidemann, CMO à TextMaster


Victoria Weidemann, CMO à TextMaster

1. According to you, what are the main trends and innovations in your field market?

Victoria Weidemann TextMaster

We have seen the growing importance of the personalisation of content over the last few years. This trend is now accelerating with real-time customisation of the offer, and the use of AI. In this respect, the localisation and translation of content is the key to a successful customer experience: 55% of consumers say that they only buy from websites in their own language.

Google is of the same opinion: a localised domain (.it, .es, etc.) that contains content in another language, English for example, will be penalised in SEO terms.

The challenge for e-merchants is to automate translation workflows, in order to get their products onto the international market even more quickly. We can see many solutions emerging onto the market, such as translation APIs and specialised integrations with e-commerce tools (PIM, CMS...). They completely remove the need for manual management of translations and save a great amount time.

For some considerable time, we have viewed technology, not as a disruptor but as an assistant which, when combined with human expertise, simplifies and accelerates the localisation of contents.


2. What are the main features of your solution and who is it made for?

TextMaster is the first comprehensive solution for professional online translation. We target our service to e-merchants with strong international ambitions and support them in the localisation of their contents. We currently work with more than 10,000 clients in 110 countries, including Club Med, LVMH, The Fork, Vente-Privée and Maisons du Monde.

Our solution combines:
  • A network of expert translators: we have selected, tested and segmented more than 7,000 expert translators according to the strictest of standards. Our network covers more than 200 language pairs and 50 areas of expertise (fashion, luxury, tourism, retail etc.).
  • State-of-the-art technologies: our online platform enables the ordering of translations in just a few clicks and facilitates project management. TextMaster is also developing advanced assisted translation technologies (real-time translation memory, interactive glossaries, verified machine translations, etc.) to optimise the processing time, quality and cost of translation projects.
  • A range of value-added services: our team of experts ensures the smooth running of all projects, from beginning to end. We offer a range of services that provide the very best assistance to companies in their international deployment, such as project management, SEO support and multilingual webmastering.


3. What represents the Paris Retail Week event for your business?

Paris Retail Week is an unmissable event for TextMaster! It allows us to meet different players in the market and gives us the chance to talk to our prospects, clients and partners. It is also an opportunity to present our latest technological innovations. This year, for example, we are presenting our new multilingual subtitling and verified machine translation solutions.


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