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ARCA Computing launches, the innovative in-store traffic generation solution

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ARCA Computing launches, the innovative in-store traffic generation solution

The 2017 Promotion Observatory carried out by SOGEC underlines a particular interest on the part of shoppers for offers presenting an economic gain and digital access to these promotional operations:

  • 84% of the French find that discount coupons make people want to buy
  • Of all Shoppers, 91% say that a promotion can encourage them to change their shopping behavior
  • 46% of Shoppers find digital promotions more accessible than paper promotion


Re-legitimate the point of sale

Consumers are thus expressing a desire for greater simplicity and personalisation in the operations provided by the brands. Based on this observation, sending promotions, offers, loyalty points, invitations... all in a targeted and localized way, can only please shoppers. is the guarantee of an enhanced shopping experience. addresses both retailers and all shoppers:

1. By simply activating Bluetooth, the mobile application allows the shopper to receive promotional offers and brand news on his Smartphone.

2. The online platform allows the company to monitor messages and analyse the buying process.

3. Between the two, the Beacon, a wireless, low-power beacon, sends the right information to the right place at the right time.


For retailers, allows to:
  • Increase the turnover of equipped stores
  • Increase the impact of brand communication and offer a fluid and enhanced customer experience
  • Measure and analyze the customer journey
  • Better segmentation of the product offer
  • Optimising costs linked to: POS, communication at the point of sale, publishing paper coupons, setting up a loyalty system, etc.


Digitizing, Animating, Retaininig the customer to increase your turnover and enhance the shopping experience.

For Shoppers, downloadable for free, the application presents itself as a new Shopping companion that offers good plans and targeted promotions in the right place at the right time! A loyalty program allows you to enjoy even more benefits!


With, connect your stores to your customers! is a digital solution designed by ARCA Computing (more information:


About ARCA Computing :

ARCA Computing is a consulting and digital development agency, founded in 2010 in Bordeaux by Lorenzo ARCAINI, professional developer. At ARCA, we work every day to improve the offer of companies by taking into account the business stakes that these transformations represent for them.


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