3 questions to Ultinous

Istvan Szilagyi - Business Development Manager


1. According to you, what are the main news, trends and innovations in your market ?

Istvan Szilagyi - Ultinous

Customers’ expectations have been reshaped by their experiences of shopping in the virtual world. Frictionless customer experience is by far the leading factor when it comes to expectations.  The most annoying thing for a customer is standing in a queue. Research indicates that 89% of shoppers have left a store as a result of a long queue; more worryingly, 65% of these shoppers admit to visiting a rival store straight afterwards to get what they need. In-store retail technology went through massive development making innovative solutions like our AI based PREDICTIVE queue management affordable. This solution has the advantage of supporting multiple objectives like the improvement of customer experience, the increase of footfall and conversion rates and the optimising of staff management.


2. What are the features of your solution and who is it for ?

Retailers can use their existing CCTV network to count footfall and passer-by traffic, recognise returning customers and known offenders. It also measures dwell times, promotional area statistics and creates customer journey maps. All the data is also available in demographic breakdown on our platform. What makes us really exceptional is our queue PREDICTION tool with its alert function helping to reduce the number of unacceptable queues and therefore to reduce abandoned baskets and increase conversion rate and sales. So by using our solution it becomes possible to improve the overall customer experience and at the same time to optimise the staff to customer ratio… just by plugging our technology on an existing camera network.


3. What does the Paris Retail Week event represent for your business ?

We are a Hungarian SME and our solution has reached maturity a little bit more than a year ago. Since then we have made - with growing success - our first commercial steps in the neighbouring countries, in Germany and in the UK. Paris Retail Week is therefore an excellent opportunity for us to introduce ourselves to our markets and particularly to the French market. We hope to gain notoriety and to have the opportunity to feel the pulse of the French retail market. Finally we hope to present our workshop audience how biometry has developed and - through a case study (Rossmann) - what are the advantages and constraints of its use in the retail sector today. If you are interested you are welcome to our workshop on 10th September at 11:30 (marketing, data & customer experience workshop)!


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