For the second year, Wassa will attend to the Paris Retail Week to present the new version of its traffic analysis solution: Dencity

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Wassa will be in Paris Retail Week 2018, the Europe’s largest
Retail Event, from 10th to 12th September.


A Traffic Analysis Solution for Shopping Malls and Retailers

For the second year, Wassa will attend to the Paris Retail Week to present the new
version of its traffic analysis solution: Dencity

The solution, based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, is designed for shopping malls and retailers. Dencity is structured with 3 complementary modules. Each of them allows retailers to have an indepth analysis of their customers with images extracted from cameras:

  • Profiling module:Detects gender and age range
  • Counting module:Counts customers entering or leaving a designated area
  • Behavior module:Provides information about people flow (heatmaps, density, etc.)


Want to optimize customers experience, analyze visitors flow and behavior?

Dencity helps retailers to get more input about visitor profile and customer journey to adapt
and manage different areas, to monetize spaces and to create new attractions. If retailers are
looking for a short transformation in order to create the place to be for the customers, Dencity is the solution.
With the use of Dencity, retailers can improve brand visibility, provide better customer experience and target customer with relevant information.
The goal is to provide enough input to mall and shop owners to help them to answer everyday challenges. With the new data and in-depth analysis of customer profile or customer journey, it is easier for retailers to plan their strategies.
Dencity can analyze every person visible in a video and all analytics information are restored as charts and tables in a cloud analytics platform.
Last year, we have launched Dencity for the first time in Paris Retail Week. We chose this huge event because it gathers all retailers from different sectors. For this reason, we will present the new release of the solution in this event again. Meet us at booth R132, to discover and get the demo!


About Wassa:

Wassa is a French digital Innovative company created in 2011. With its offices in Paris and
Hong Kong, Wassa gathers all the creative, technical and functional talents to develop
digital solutions.
Experts in Computer vision and Machine Learning, we work on algorithms that analyze
pictures and video streams to collect information and data, and provide customized
services on every platform(iOS, Android, Windows, Linux etc) with any cameras
(smartphone, webcam, CCTV etc). We can also build a complete application or solution
based on our products depending on our clients’ needs. We have references worldwide.


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