SEPT 2023


Edouard CALLIATI, Marketing Director Europe, Optimix

Discover the interview of Edouard CALLIATI, Marketing Director Europe at Optimix

Edouard CALLIATI - Optimix

What are the main news, trends and innovations in your market or sector?

Geopolitical tensions have driven up production and logistics costs, often resulting in higher product prices.  It is therefore crucial for retailers to diversify their sources of supply, and optimize their logistics operations and strategic management of prices and promotions.

  • AI-based pricing

AI is playing an increasingly important role in pricing by analyzing large quantities of data, including real-time data, to recommend strategic pricing. In this way, sales forecasting, elasticity and cannibalization models feed off the power of AI to deliver ever more advanced analyses and strategies.

  • Predictive price analysis

Predictive analysis plays a key role in pricing and the supply chain. Retailers use statistical models and Machine Learning algorithms to predict customer behavior and anticipate price changes.

  • Optimum responsiveness

By automating competitive intelligence, companies can obtain real-time data on their competitors without having to spend a lot of time on it. This means greater reactivity and more informed decision-making. With the diversification of the competitive perimeter and the acceleration of price changes, it is crucial that retailers equip themselves to industrialize and streamline their processes.

These trends and innovations testify to the growing importance of Data, AI and personalization to optimize revenues, meet customer expectations while improving its image/price.

What are the features of your solution and who is it aimed at?

Our solutions are aimed at distribution and retail companies wishing to fine-tune their pricing strategies through competitive analysis, and optimize their Supply Chain thanks to ever finer forecasts and optimized inventories.

At the request of our customers, we have developed sales forecasting algorithms and engines for pricing, which have naturally fed into the development of our forecasting engine for our other software dedicated to the supply chain.

One of the main advantages of our Solutions is that they are fully customizable and almost never need to be developed specifically to meet the needs of our customers, even if these needs may be far apart.

We are convinced that our commitment to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility will enable us to strengthen our market position and win the trust of our customers.

What does Paris Retail Week represent for your business this year?

Like every year, our participation in Paris Retail Week is an opportunity to meet our customers and future users. This year is special in that we've decided to highlight the complementary nature of our 2 Pricing and Supply Chain solutions.

Imagine being able to plan your pricing strategy knowing in advance how you'll position yourself in relation to other market players, and what margins you'll be able to achieve. We look forward to hearing from you :)

Come and visit us on our stand: Pavilion 4 - Stand E 110.


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