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Flora WOLFER, Chief Marketing Officer, Payplug

Discover the interview of Flora WOLFER, Chief Marketing Officer at Payplug

Flora WOLFER - Payplug

What are the main news, trends and innovations in your market or sector?

The payment sector is constantly evolving: regulatory developments, technological innovations and new consumer trends are constantly changing the rules. Here are some examples:

 1) The future of an already well-established business lies in omnichannel buying paths.

More than just a trend, omnichannel shopping is a must-have: 86% of consumers say they prefer an omnichannel experience1.

With an increase in e-commerce revenue of 13.8% between 2022 and 20212 and customers returning to shops, retailers have every interest in diversifying and unifying their distribution channels to increase sales.

For that, they need to offer their customers an omnichannel shopping experience, right through to the payment stage. How can they do this? By rethinking all their business tools to break down the barriers between digital and physical channels. As a result, the payment service provider (PSP) selected by the merchant must be able to offer a solution in line with its ecosystem, whether online or at the point of sale: maintainers, POS software, web agencies etc.

 2) Payment innovation for the benefit of consumers

Physical and digital, omnichannel also means mobility.

Today, payment via terminals is seeing its first major innovation since the introduction of contactless card payment: Tap to Pay. This solution allows payments to be accepted on multi-purpose devices such as smartphones, opening the door to new uses in-store and on delivery.

On the other hand, to balance consumer expectations and the inflationary context, alternative payment methods, including split payments and wallets, are continually developing: 42% of e-shoppers have already used split payments2.

This diversification of payment methods is becoming a conversion issue for all merchants.

 3) Fighting fraud: a balance between security and conversion

Since the introduction of PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2), all the stakeholders in the ecosystem have taken action to offer everyone better protection against online fraud: the fraud rate for card payments on the Internet has fallen by 33% since 20193.

With fraud on the decline, merchants are seeking to strike a balance to optimise their conversions while continuing to guarantee payment security. To achieve this, they want to benefit from effective risk management to reduce fraud, while optimising payment acceptance via frictionless payment paths.

What are the features of your solution and who is it aimed at?

Payplug is the French payment solution designed for merchants, e-merchants of all sizes and FinTechs, for whom online performance and the omnichannel customer experience are priority issues.

As a PSP and acquirer, we maximise our merchants’ payment performance in France and Europe thanks to our expertise and unique positioning in the French issuer ecosystem:

  • tight control of fraud: -37% fraud rate for our Fraud Premium merchants (2022 vs. 2021)4;
  • a privileged connection to Groupe BPCE (20% of French traffic), from which the FastPass solution is derived, enabling us to obtain up to 98% of accepted frictionless requests on BPCE traffic;
  • a direct route to the Cartes Bancaires network, which allows us to gain +7 frictionless points compared with the CB5 market average.

Integrated into a rich ecosystem, Payplug offers merchants the keys to an efficient omnichannel payment experience:

  • a unified vision of payment across all sales channels, both online and in-store
  • integration with merchants' various business tools, such as checkout software.
  • rapid deployment of payment, both online, via our turnkey modules, APIs and integrations with orchestration platforms, and in-store, thanks to our partnerships with maintainers throughout France and our solutions such as Tap to Pay

Today, we support 17,000 merchants such as Hast and Faguo, as well as major groups like Maisons du Monde, Veepee and kiwi.com.


What does Paris Retail Week mean for your company this year?

We want to be there alongside retailers and e-merchants to help them transform their customer experience and fulfil their payment performance needs.

This edition of Paris Retail Week will also allow us to present our latest innovation, the Tap to Pay solution, which is part of our aim to consolidate our position as a stakeholder in omnichannel commerce.

Merchants and partners, come and find us at stand E075: a great opportunity to physically unite the ecosystem and write tomorrow's retail together.

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