SEPT 2021


 Karim Iskandar, CEO Europe Syndigo

Karim ISKANDAR, CEO Europe de Syndigo

Discover the interview of Karim ISKANDAR, CEO Europe at Syndigo.

In the current context, what are the main news, trends and innovations in your market?

I believe the main news for everyone is the drastically different environment we have faced this year for business. Whether it’s the global pandemic, changes in economic policies or environmental concerns, it seems that business is needing to evolve more rapidly than before. As a product information and technology company, the stay-in-place orders around the world have impacted how people shop and attain their goods.

While eCommerce has been increasing in past years, we have seen incredible increases in online shopping in 2020. We track online access of content for many retail sites, and we have seen similar significant year-over-year increases globally. In the countries we track in the EU, this trend has also been quite strong. The number of retailer page views is more than 60% greater this year in the EU countries we track, compared to similar months last year.

Shoppers are getting used to browsing and shopping online. This will likely have a longer-term impact on purchasing behavior as well.

What are the characteristics of your solution and who is it for?

We serve suppliers, distributors and retailers of consumer goods, by creating, managing, verifying and syndicating product information and images that can be used for eCommerce, as well as for businesses to manage their inventory and shelf planning. Through our platform, the Content Experience Hub, we ensure the accurate and efficient transfer of verified product data between trading partners will deliver engaging shopper experiences.

This year, more particularly again, what will the Paris Retail Week event represent for your business?

To me, Paris Retail Week represents opportunity: The opportunity to learn from other experts about the latest trends; the opportunity to share our capabilities with businesses and understand their needs; and the chance to again meet with industry colleagues to discuss how we can help to drive better performance through our content management and syndication capabilities.