SEPT 2023


Mélodie GAGNEUX-RAMOCINSKI - Assistant Manager, Linksgarden

Discover the interview of Mélodie GAGNEUX-RAMOCINSKI - Assistant Manager, Linksgarden

Portrait of Mélodie GAGNEUX

What are the main news, trends and innovations in your market or sector?

Simply having an online presence today is no longer enough for a retailer. The major issue is maintaining market leadership and keeping the competition at bay.

This is where SEO comes in as one of the best pillars of ROI acquisition for gaining qualified traffic. However, the rules of the SEO game, dictated by the algorithms of search engines, principally Google, are not stable. The SEO sector must eternally reinvent itself to adapt to algorithmic evolutions.

And since 2022, there have been many: more than 8 core updates have shaken positions. The trend in recent updates has been to focus on user experience and content quality.

While the "content" part of the equation has gone through a fine-tooth comb, popularity remains essential for positioning in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). At the heart of Google's initial PageRank, a site's trustworthiness is measured by the quantity and quality of incoming links.

On the huge chessboard of SEO, content has become king and popularity its queen. SEO isn't dead, it's just evolving with the times.

What are the features of your solution and who is it aimed at?

Linksgarden is aimed at all companies (web agencies, retailers...) wishing to improve the visibility and notoriety of a website on Google. We offer the purchase of sponsored articles on themed media and blogs, whose quality has been rigorously controlled.

The visible catalog is made up of exclusive sites and publishers, as well as a range of products enabling the development of tiered strategies adapted to the maturity of each customer (press relations, sponsored articles, home links, creation of exclusive minisites, positioned pages...).

Advertisers have two options: a self-service solution or a turnkey campaign delegation service. The aim of the latter is not only to improve business keyword positioning, but also to save time by offering off-site strategic expertise.

After a targeted, in-depth study, each campaign is tailored to suit the various constraints (editorial, thematic, contractual) and to respond to the maturity and seasonality of each project.

These campaigns are subject to monthly monitoring and reporting to assess the impact of the actions carried out, and thus gain better ROI visibility.

What will Paris Retail Week represent for your business this year?

Being present at an event dedicated to retail is, for us, an opportunity to participate in the success of our contacts on the web. It's also an opportunity to share our knowledge and methodologies at conferences given by our consultants.

This year is also an opportunity for us to present our new agency format, offering complete delegation of backlinks campaigns by the G2 Edition agency. A format suited to web agencies for whom we work on a white-label basis, but also to major players in the retail sector who benefit from the time and expertise of our consultants.

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