SEPT 2023


Olivier RIQUET, Executive Vice President, Global POS

Discover the interview of Olivier RIQUET, Executive Vice President at Global POS

Portrait of Olivier RIQUET

What are the main news, trends and innovations in your market or sector?

As France's leading provider of prepaid solutions, covering the dematerialization of paper vouchers, the deployment of omnichannel gift card programs and the acceptance of new payments such as cryptocurrency, Global POS has always been committed to developing global software solutions to boost its customers' sales performance and simplify the management of their businesses.

It's an unfortunate fact of life that inflation is on a massive scale, threatening to become entrenched and impacting on in-store traffic, lost volume and customer loyalty. Against this backdrop, consumers, more than ever before, are adapting their consumption habits, arbitrating and forgoing certain purchases of products and services in the name of reduced purchasing power.

Promotion remains a formidable lever for shopper activation. In association with Médiaperformances, Global POS has therefore decided to reinvent the promotional coupon, making it increasingly digital. The aim is to offer a coherent, omnichannel customer experience.

Shopper activation, through the immediate digitalization and hyper-personalization of the coupon, meets the challenges faced by retailers in their search for optimized sales by distributing targeted promotional generosity, and by consumers in their quest for lost purchasing power.

By digitizing the traditional coupon, we are now in a position to capture the consumer's attention as soon as the purchase is premeditated, often at home, while reminding them of the offer at the moment of purchase in store or on the web.

In this way, the promotional incentive truly accompanies the consumer throughout the purchasing process, ensuring the best possible conversion.

What are the features of your solution, and who is it aimed at?

Our solution stands out for its simplicity and accessibility. Unlike traditional loyalty systems or applications, we have designed an innovative approach. All you have to do is display the immediate coupon, which can be visible right from the banner. By clicking on it, a unique code is instantly displayed on the user's smartphone. This code can be used at the checkout or on the store's website, making the process smooth and convenient. The coupon is available on all the customer's devices via social networks or SMS, helping to improve conversions and customer transformation.

The exploitation of retailer data, which is becoming increasingly structured, enables us to considerably broaden the audience by making offers unique and personalized. Thanks to a deeper understanding of customer preferences, it becomes possible to target with precision, leading to greater sales productivity. This approach makes a long-cherished goal a reality: to provide the right offer, to the right person, at the right time, thus reaching a wider audience.

What's more, the digital discount coupon meets the growing demand for responsible promotions, and is in line with the imperatives of decarbonization. By reducing the circulation of paper coupons, we are contributing to this ecological initiative.

Our solution represents an excellent opportunity for our retail customers, enabling them to face up to major challenges such as declining traffic and falling average shopping baskets. In an omnichannel logic, targeted promotions, which are increasingly digital and use data to personalize coupons extensively, require solid, reliable technical expertise.

Global POS, through its E-BRI solution, offers large-scale, instantaneous and personalized creation and distribution, enabling precise management of coupons. This is a real revolution in the coupon market, which has long been waiting for an overhaul to adapt to our customers' increasingly digital lifestyles.

What does Paris Retail Week represent for your business this year?

Paris Retail Week is the essential anchor for omnichannel commerce, and we attend every year. It's an opportunity to assess the market climate and project future payment prospects.

The quality of both the exhibitors and the national and international visitors is a source of inspiration and motivation. The show gives us an insight into the dynamic evolution towards an increasingly digital commerce, and challenges us to achieve constant simplicity in the solutions offered to customers and merchants.

It's also an opportunity to meet our customers, introduce them to our new solutions, listen to their evolutionary needs, while offering new prospects a comprehensive overview of our expertise in POS, digital signage and prepaid payment solutions, including innovations such as cryptocurrency.

At this year's event, we'll be paying particular attention to the presentation of our new digital couponing solution, which is particularly eagerly awaited in these tumultuous economic times. Visit us in Hall 4 stand F043, where, in collaboration with our partner Médiaperformances, we'll be demonstrating the benefits of the Immediate Discount Voucher.

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