SEPT 2023


Olivier VAN DE FLAES, CEO, Calixys

Discover the interview of Olivier VAN DE FLAES, CEO of Calixys

Portrait of Olivier Van De Flaes

What are the main news, trends and innovations in your market or sector?

The e-commerce sector is constantly evolving, keeping pace with technological innovations in sales and customer acquisition. Most of the developments and technological innovations in this sector are based on acquisition processes, contributing to an enhanced customer experience. At Calixys, we have developed solutions dedicated to the reconciliation of financial transactions in a multi-source context. With its robust, flexible and high-performance technology, Calixys adapts transaction reconciliation to growing transaction volumes and the diversity of payment systems on offer. In a few words: Automation, Rationalization, Centralization. This role of control and reconciliation, enabling the reduction of errors and the complete traceability of payments, is essential if we are to remain competitive and not penalize our production.

What are the features of your solution, and who is it aimed at?

XREC is a comprehensive, flexible and high-performance reconciliation solution for financial teams. It is aimed at all companies, large or medium-sized, wishing to implement a sustainable and efficient transaction reconciliation strategy. What makes the platform unique is that it manages the reconciliation process from start to finish, including automatic classification and assignment of discrepancies. We automate, streamline and centralize reconciliation processes. The solution handles multi-party reconciliations and high transaction volumes.

The integration of a single partner like CALIXYS delivers productivity gains by freeing teams from low value-added tasks, and gives our customers efficient control over all transactional flows.

What does Paris Retail Week mean for your business this year?

We know that Paris Retail Week is a major trade show, with a large number of participants. It's a key event for us. It's an opportunity for us to meet our current and future customers. We'll be promoting our solution to show that there are real alternatives to spreadsheets, and that with a centralized reconciliation solution, time savings are considerable. It's also an opportunity to forge strategic partnerships and explore cooperation opportunities. Immerse yourself in conversations about the latest industry trends, exchange innovative ideas, and strengthen our presence in the dynamic world of E-commerce and Retail.

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