SEPT 2022


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Wednesday 29 September

Discover the Paris Retail Week plenary conferences on Wednesday, 29 September 2021, which will focus on #MarketingBToB, #InnovationMarketing and #Marketplaces!


Description: How to innovate and co-create effectively with your community!

To innovate and be sure they are on the right track, brands today rely on their customer community. During this talk, you will discover invaluable advice and testimonies from our speakers to help brands listen to their consumers, ask their opinions through questionnaires, surveys or during live sessions with the founders... Also learn how to develop a network of ambassadors and privileged testers as well as how to engage and embark your community on this adventure.

Claire Dollez
Hosted by:

Claire DOLLEZ, Plenary Editorial CoordinatorParis Retail Week / Editorial Consultant, A CONTENT STORY

B Philippe

Head of product development


Shanty Biscuits

[10h30 - 11h00] : KEYNOTE ADOBE

Description: Perspective of e-commerce, where are the French?

Although e-commerce has been growing continuously for several years, we cannot analyze its evolution without taking into account the health crisis and its impact. This unprecedented context marked by periods of confinement has strongly influenced the evolution of online consumption, with the closure of many physical stores, but also the desire of consumers to protect themselves from the virus by limiting contact. A trend that has affected all strata of the population, with online consumption becoming the norm.During this conference, Sophie Yannicopoulos, new Managing Director of Adobe France, will share her vision of e-commerce based on customer experience, our client Caudalie will provide feedback on the use of our Commerce Cloud platform. and in conclusion, we will give you an overview of our innovations in 3D photo shooting to imagine a more sustainable development method in line with the expectations of brands and consumers.

S Yannicopoulos

Sophie YANNICOPOULOS, Managing Director France, ADOBE


Nicolas LAMBRET, Spécialist Commerce, ADOBE 


Jonathan RIBASChief executive Officer, CAUDALIE 

[11h00 - 11h30] : KEYNOTE ZENDESK

Description: Agile Retail: the six keys to success for transforming your customer relationship  

More than in any other sector, resilience and adaptability in retail have been sorely tested in recent months.  How can you be as agile as your customers to deliver an increasingly high-quality experience that is tailored to their practices? During this conference, we will share the six keys to success identified by Zendesk and put into practice by the retailers who are Customer Relations champions. They will share their experience and their practical, actionable advice for constant gains in agility. 

S Matichard

Sandrine MATICHARD, Analyst, ZENDESK 

S Pietremont

Sophie PIETREMONT, Managing Director South of Europe ZENDESK

N Pellissier

Nicolas PELLISSIER, Ex-Director Customer Care, Quality and Services, BACK MARKET 


Description: How can we revolutionise purchasing methods to reinvent distribution models?  

Covid has accelerated changes in the balance between brands, distributors and consumers. Conventional approaches are being challenged. Brands and retailers must reinvent themselves to adapt to new consumer expectations. To meet these challenges, we need to take a new approach to BtoB marketing practices in terms of process agility and Test and Learn

Claire Dollez

Claire DOLLEZ, Plenary Editorial Coordinator, Paris Retail Week / Editorial Consultant, A CONTENT STORY

M Escande

Matthieu ESCANDE
Président and Founder
Le Chocolat des Français

ML Durier

Marie-Laure DURIER
La beauté française 


The aim of this competition is to identify promising players and innovations that deliver effective responses to the challenges of e-merchants, retailers, and brands in general. 

Nine categories are being showcased to reward the best solutions in e-commerce and connected commerce:

  • Omnichannel business
  • Marketing Innovation
  • Logistics
  • B2B Marketing
  • Marketplaces
  • New Payments
  • Agile Customer Pathway
  • Data
  • + Rookie of the Year Award exclusively reserved for startups. 

[2h00 - 2h30] : INTERVIEW

Description: Media, e-commerce and gaming: storytelling at the heart of the experience 

During this interview, Alexandre Malsch, Co-founder and Chairman of Melty until 2017, will tell us about the success of the media group designed for 18-35-year-olds. He will share his experience as the global digital director for the surf brands Quiksilver and Roxy. Finally, he will give his vision of e-commerce and gaming through the creation of Fullife, an eco-responsible clothing brand dedicated to this demographic.

A MAsch


Alexandre MALSCH, Chief Executive Officer, FULLLIFE - GAMESWEAR COMPANY 

Claire Dollez

Claire DOLLEZPlenary Editorial Coordinator, Paris Retail Week / Editorial ConsultantA CONTENT STORY

[2h30 - 3h00] : KEYNOTE QUADIENT

Description: Click & Collect : how to meet new consumer expectations ? 

As consumers become much more conscious about health and safety, they've changed their habits, preferring to shop online since the health crisis began. This trend has made Click & Collect a priority for customers who want to make their purchases with complete peace of mind. The same is true for shopkeepers looking for alternatives to partially compensate for regular store closures. Faced with stop-and-go situations, retailers have adapted by developing a hybrid model, streamlining the in-store experience and strengthening their e-commerce offering. In this context, it is crucial for retailers to adopt a long-term strategy to meet new consumer expectations. And this holds true whether it's about their online or in-store shopping journey.  The Click & Collect order pick-up experience is becoming a key criterion for customer satisfaction. It is also a major focus for optimising the management of parcel flows, which are growing rapidly. The aim is to free employees from logistical tasks so that they can concentrate on reception, advice and additional sales. Discover innovative trends: Click & Collect Outdoor, Shop in Shop, combined Click & Collect and pick-up point solutions that generate in-store traffic. 


L Marie

Lionel MARIESales Manager Retail & Residential - Parcel Lockers Solution - France & Benelux,  QUADIENT

A Simon

Aurélien SIMON, Product ManagerQUADIENT


Description: Personalisation and commitment: the success mechanisms of marketplaces 

How can we help users make choices, and offer the right product to the right customer? Based on what criteria should you choose your marketplace?
Which acquisition or retargeting strategies to make them come back? How to use CRM to optimise engagement and retention and implement effective cross-sell or up-sell strategies? How to use the specificity of marketplaces: the presence of a community, one that is able and willing to invest to get more visibility?
Content creation, forums, chat between users ... The possible levers are numerous, but you still need access to the right tools!
From acquisition to conversion to retention: so many mechanisms to put in place to ensure performance in marketplaces.

Claire Dollez

Claire DOLLEZ, Plenary Editorial Coordinator, Paris Retail Week / Editorial Consultant, A CONTENT STORY

M gasc

Maëlle GASC
Chief Growth Officer
Vestiaire Collective

V Hamonic

Head of Digital Marketing


[3h30 - 4h30] : KEYNOTE SHOPIFY

Description: The future of commerce: Shopify shares five trends that are shaping the retail business in 2021 and beyond. 

The pandemic has accelerated the retail industry by a decade, permanently changing the way brands start, manage and grow, as well as the way consumers buy. To thrive, companies are forced to experiment with new ways to engage their customers. What works today and what's next? Emilie Benoit-Vernay will share her perspectives to reveal what this new era of retail holds for us. 


E benoit-Vernay

Emilie BENOIT-VERNAYCountry Manager FranceSHOPIFY 

[4h00 - 4h30] : STRIPE KEYNOTE

Description: Reinventing retail: capitalise on major trends after the pandemic

As we witness unprecedented innovative growth in the Retail sector, Stripe is helping businesses of all sizes to accept online payments and to ensure technically sophisticated financial operations in more than 120 countries. Pierre Byramjee, Development Manager for France and Southern Europe, will share the latest trends with French retailers as the economy recovers: consolidation of online and offline payment processes, the need to reach customers beyond their own channels, how to evade international development stakes, adoption of new payment methods, fighting effectively against fraud, and lastly to lay roots in sustainable online trading.

P Byramjee

Pierre BYRAMJEE -Director of Development, France and Southern Europe, ,STRIPE

NB : programme en cours de réalisation