SEPT 2022


Replay Paris Retail Week conference of the 30th September

Replay Thursday 30 Septembre 2021

Relive in replay the plenary conferences of Thursday 30 September 2021, including several mentoring sessions dedicated to #Logistics; #OmnichannelCommerce!


P Cannet

Pierre Cannet, Fondateur – Blue-Search Conseil 

S Durand

Sébastien Durand, Responsable offre commerce unifié -  KPMG 

D Lamy

David Lamy, DRH – La Redoute 

R Roulleau

Romain Roulleau - Chief marketing, digital & customer officer -   Kingfisher France 

Marc Lolivier, Délégué Général de la Fédération e-commerce et vente à distance (FEVAD)
Marc Lolivier, Délégué Général de la Fédération e-commerce et vente à distance (FEVAD)

Marc Lolivier, Délégué Général - FEVAD

Description: As the share of the digital in distribution grows at an accelerated rate, e-commerce players, and in particular historical distributors with a physical sales network, need to boost their operational model with both new and traditional skills that they must attract, develop and retain. Employment: a key differentiating factor in a rapidly changing sector!


[10h30 - 11h00]: KEYNOTE ZALANDO

C Steller

Carsten KELLER, Vice-Président Direct-to-Consumer, Zalando SE  

Description: Open to Grow - How to think and act more integrated in a changing retail landscape.

Open to grow means being open to new possibilities, a new mindset. The state of the retail industry has changed. It's become more important than ever to create new connections between physical and digital, to think integrated, and look for new partnerships for the next chapter in retail. Vice President Direct to Consumer at Zalando, Carsten Keller, explains how Connected Retail by Zalando enables both small and large physical stores to easily access online orders from the millions of customers who shop at Zalando and grow their business across channels. 


[11h00 - 11h30]: KEYNOTE MANGOPAY

R Ghergu

Roxana GHERGU, Head of Customer Success, MANGOPAY 

L Cassina

Luca CASSINA, Executive Vice President Customer Success EMEA, MIRAKL 

V Cotte

Vincent COTTE, Director Marketplace, Business Development & Outlet , LA REDOUTE 

Description: Marketplace: Feedback - How does La Redoute continue to grow ? 

How can you get and maintain a technological and competitive edge in a constantly changing world ? Find out how La Redoute, leader in French style and a digital French success story, strengthened its brand development in France, with the support of Mirakl and MANGOPAY, and accelerated its international presence while improving the user experience for sellers and customers.



I Musnik

Isabelle MUSNIK

L faure

Laëtitia FAURE
Urban Sublime

Description: Retail Inspirations - Tomorrow's new formats & business models.
Diversification, digitalisation, relations: stores are undergoing a revolution! Or, how the most inventive brands have renewed themselves during the crisis. A 45-minute world tour of the best on/offline initiatives that are inspiring tomorrow's retail.


[12h00 - 12h30]: KEYNOTE AKENEO

E Koda

Emeric KODA, Sales Director Southern Europe, AKENEO 

Description: Shopping experience, product information and brand image: what do your consumers expect?   

 According to an OpinionWay consumer study led by Akeneo in early 2021, 4 out of 5 French people abandon their plans to purchase if they are not convinced by the product information. This product data, sometimes neglected, has a real impact at every stage or touch point of the buying process. It must be considered as a strategic asset and a prerequisite in implementing convincing, omnichannel and agile customer experience. The results of this survey will be shared and put into perspective with the vision of Akeneo customers who are experts in product experience.


[12h30 - 13h00]: KEYNOTE RAPYD

S Tal


Description: Growing across borders. Key payments strategies to achieve global growth. 

Grow your international sales quickly and simply by offering a local payment experience to your customers. Enabling local payment options, local currency, and supporting local languages have proven to significantly reduce shopping cart abandonment.  
Rapyd’s fintech-powered payments platform delivers truly scalable business expansion so you can offer a local shopping experience in 100+ countries. 
We connect to local payment methods across the globe seamlessly and on a single platform so you can focus on growing your business. 
Join us to understand the challenges of cross-border expansion, learn how Rapyd can help you to achieve global growth for your business, and see some interesting use cases of successful global expansions.


[13h30-14h00]: KEYNOTE RISKIFIED

L Lachkar

Lisa LACHKARRegional Director France, RISKIFIED  

Description: Econfidence: A Two-Way Flow

Commerce is based on a reciprocal belief in the fulfillment of a promise. In an online context, to build up the confidence that all actors have in a human-not-present global system of exchange, multiple regulatory and security layers have been added over time. But do those layers really enhance mutual trust? Riskified investigated the question and would like to invite to you to explore the “eConfidence” concept together. Join us to understand how new technologies can help close the confidence gaps between online shoppers and merchants.



Claire Dollez

Claire DOLLEZ, Plenary Editorial CoordinatorParis Retail Week / Editorial Consultant, A CONTENT STORY

B Valensi

CEO & Founder

Description: Omnichannel commerce: why it's essential to move towards physical retail.

 Over the last few months, Covid 19 has confirmed that physical retail is not dead, and it has also shown that online marketplaces are becoming increasingly saturated.  During this experience-sharing session, you will discover why digital retail has never needed its physical counterpart so much in order to cushion the impact of the exploding costs of customer acquisition. Why it is important to have diversified distribution channels and a differentiated and personalized e-commerce customer experience?



I Lethu

Ingrid LETHUSVP Sales France & ItalieCheckout.com 


Description: A new paradigm in retail: what impacts on your payment strategy and revenues ? 

 Since 2020, the world of retail has been marked by an accelerated digitalisation due to the health crisis. Today more than ever, it is crucial to adopt a resolutely offensive online strategy. Optimising the online payment experience and performance is part of this. Digital payments are a goldmine to exploit in terms of data. It is essential to collaborate with expert service providers capable of providing innovative solutions to improve the payment experience and make it a full-fledged conversion lever. In addition to creating value at the key stage of payment, merchants must be able to rely on Payment Service Providers to support them in this digitalisation dynamic and in their overall growth strategy.


[15h00 - 15h00]: LOGISTICS MENTORING

Claire Dollez

Claire DOLLEZ, Plenary Editorial CoordinatorParis Retail Week / Editorial Consultant, A CONTENT STORY

T Freceno


C Rossigneux

Director of Operators

Description: Supply Chain: how the health crisis has sparked new uses and methods.

COVID 19 has considerably changed business methods and processes, including those in the supply chain. Processes, recruitment, growth, hygiene... How was the "shock" of the first wave absorbed? What solutions have been adopted to help businesses respond to a highly fluctuating and unpredictable demand, all while controlling quality, costs and employee well-being?