SEPT 2023


SEPT 2023


Replay Paris Retail Week conference of the 28th September

Replay Tuesday 28 September 2021

Relive in replay the conferences of Tuesday 28 September 2021, including the Havas Commerce's study about retail, the keynote from the CEO of the NRF and several mentoring sessions on #NewPayments ; #Data ; #AgileCustomerCourse!

[10h30 - 10h40]: INTRODUCTION

Arnaud Gallet


Arnaud GALLETDirector, Paris Retail Week



V Mayet

Vincent MAYET
Managing Director
Havas Commerce

Description: One year on - How do retail professionals see the future ? 
Store closures, the explosion of e-commerce, new consumer expectations, logistical and technological challenges... The Covid-19 crisis has profoundly changed the retail industry and forced its professionals to adapt. To what extent have they reshaped their models and how do they see the future?
The study provides a global overview of the retail industry and outlines its upcoming trends.


[11h05 - 11h35]: OPENING ROUND TABLE

M fuxa
Animated by:

Martine FUXAEditor in ChiefEcommerce Mag

AL Feldikcher

Strategy Director

M Funaro

Chief transformation Officer

C Taravella

Vice-President Digital
Don't Call me Jennyfer


Description: Retail professionals will comment on the results of the study and provide their insight into the market.  


[11h35 - 12h00]: KEYNOTE NRF

M Shay

Matthew SHAY
President & CEO


Description: State of retail in the United States.  

During this crisis, which sectors have experienced strong growth and which sectors have been put in difficulty but are recovering today ? Matthew will also focus on how the consumer has changed.


[12h00 - 12h30]: KEYNOTE SQUARE

D Nicolas

Daniel NICOLAS, sales manager SQUARE 

Description: How the pandemic supercharged omnichannel retail  

The pandemic accelerated the adoption of digital payments and commerce tools around the world. Driven by restrictions to in-person selling and shoppers wanting to limit social contact, accepting digital forms of payments and orders has gone from being nice to have to a must have, for businesses of all types and sizes. In this keynote, Daniel Nicolas will discuss the transition Square has seen its sellers take to pivot to an omnichannel business model, in response to restrictions and customers evolving expectations. Square will also provide insight into what retail businesses are investing in, what trends are here to stay and how retailers can future-proof their business.  


[12h30 - 13h00]: NEW PAYMENTS MENTORING 

Claire Dollez

Claire DOLLEZPlenary Editorial CoordinatorParis Retail Week / / Editorial Consultant, A CONTENT STORY 

J Lepeut

Head of security, fraud and payment methods
Sarenza / Monoprix on line


Description: Impacts of PSD2 on fraud and customer journeys: when strong authentification forces merchants and fraudsters to adapt.

Since 15 May 2021, digital card transactions need to comply with a new Payment Services Directive (PSD2) that requires a strong, quasi-systematic payer authentication. This process of double authentication of the consumer at the time of purchase aims to fight fraud and includes some major changes professionals must implement. New rules have emerged as the role between merchants and issuing bank changes, and as banks and payment actors are held to an obligation of results in terms of fraud rate. As for fraudsters, they adapt their attack scenarios to bypass strong authentication.


[13h00 - 13h30]: KEYNOTE KLARNA

E Petitfils

Eric PETITFILS, Commercial Director, KLARNA 

Description : France facing changes in e-commerce

France is one of the largest e-commerce markets in Europe. French consumers are gradually adopting new uses, but less quickly than their European peers. So what do French consumers expect from merchants to buy online? What are the opportunities for traders in general and during the holiday season in particular?


[13h30 - 14h00]: KEYNOTE PRESTASHOP

A Eruimy


N rateau

Nicolas RATEAU, VP Midmarket, PRESTASHOP 

AL Luccioni

Anne Lorène LUCCIONI, Marketing and Digital Director, DUCASSE PARIS

A Serres


Description: Chocolat Ducasse, the secret recipe for double-digit growth

Double-digit growth for an omnichannel business in times of Covid, myth or reality? Find out how the teams of the most starred chef in the world have succeeded in making the boutique 'Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse' a benchmark in its market in France and internationally.
On the agenda for this 30-minute session, market consolidation and acceleration in deployment abroad. In particular, we will address the issue of optimizing web performance for a smoother user and employee experience.


[14h00 - 14h30]: DATA MENTORING

Claire Dollez

Claire DOLLEZPlenary Editorial CoordinatorParis Retail Week / / Editorial Consultant, A CONTENT STORY 

E Hakobyan

VP Customer Relations, BLABLACAR 

J Jouannet

Jeoffrey JOUANNET, VP Care & Retention, JAPHY  

Description: How to build a customer experience strategy with customer relations data?

Intuition can quickly become the enemy of your customer experience. For a business to be customer-centric, it must first and foremost be data-centric. Learn how to build a solid foundation for your customer experience by leveraging new sources of data in customer relations.


[14h30 - 15h00]: PRICER KEYNOTE 


Gilles GAGNIERDeputy Managing Director, PRICER

G Riera

Guylène RIERA COCHU, Administrative and financial director L’entrepôt du Bricolage

Description: Electronic labels: a vector for productivity in stores.

In-store teams operate on all fronts: providing information to customers, restocking shelves, preparing Click& Collect orders, checking product availability. Far more than a vehicle for displaying prices, electronic labels are a 360° form of assistance which simplifies life for in-store teams and increases productivity. They provide crucial information such as stock availability and upcoming delivery dates. Their QR codes make them an essential tool for saving time, particularly in identifying the locations of products to be placed on the shelves or collected for online orders. Pricer and l’Entrepôt du Bricolage share their experience in improving teams’ productivity and quality of work.



M Pietry

Marine PETRY,Global Sub-segment Manage,Schneider Electric  

JB Léger

Jean-Baptiste LEGER, Directeur Sustainability, Lidl France 

Description: Efficient, sustainable retail: LIDL’s digital transition 

Sustainable Development is currently a key concern, and one of the pillars of Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility. The digitalisation of businesses and the use of the data linked to their operations allow them to optimise their performance, in terms of both energy and operations. Join us to hear about the experiences of our client’s supermarket chain, and the solutions put in place to improve the energy efficiency of their stores and warehouses. 



Claire Dollez

Claire DOLLEZPlenary Editorial CoordinatorParis Retail Week / Editorial Consultant, A CONTENT STOR

G Lachenal

Guillaume LACHENAL
Co-foundeur et CEO

Description: Customer journey: how to find the right balance between on and offline?

Digital solutions help us recreate the online customer experience in-store.  That means providing real-time information on products, inventory, and shipments, thus allowing businesses to offer a fluid, seamless journey that is as personalized as possible according to the desires and sensibilities of its customers.
Yet they sometimes have limits because they are considered too intrusive by the latter.
How can we find the right balance between "gadget" solutions that digital can offer and options that truly improve the customer's experience and journey in order to better understand the contact opportunities (transactional or experiential) and to give humans (salesperson) back the real role of a value-added advisor?


[16h00 - 16h30]: KEYNOTE - CREDIT AGRICOLE

N Cailleux
Hosted by:

Nicolas CAILLEUX, Responsable Développement marketplace et établissement, CREDIT AGRICOLE PAYMENT SERVICES 

Marc Maranzana

Marc MARANZANA CEO - My Living Bloom 

Description: Choosing a payment service provider for a marketplace/ Criteria that can make a difference

When planning to create a marketplace, choosing a payment service provider is not only a regulatory constraint but also a development opportunity. In order to compare the players and the services offered, a business has to not only consider the "classic" criteria such as price, functionalities and completeness of the service provided, but also criteria more specific to this type of activity. Discover the importance and benefits of modular solutions, the advantage of working with providers who handle retail accounts and equip them with payment solutions, and the attention you need to pay to the scalability of the offering and your partner's level of compliance and security.


[16h00 - 16h30]: KBRW KEYNOTE

C Perez

Carolina PEREZCustomer Success Manager, KBRW


A Dupuis

Amélie DUPUIS, Ecommerce logistics project, MONOPRIX


Description: KBRW X Monoprix: improving stores’ omnichannel performance with the picking solution (in-store). 

As part of the digital and omnichannel transformation of its stores, Monoprix wishes to improve its e-commerce order preparation operations in-store, and has called on KBRW to modernise its tools in response to the brand’s present-day challenges. The Kbrw solution combines a robust, high-performance back office with an optimised picking solution tailored to the business processes of each Monoprix store, significantly increasing productivity.