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Interview of Frederic Sommerlat, CEO of Wassa, agency for the creation of digital solutions.

Frederic Sommerlat, CEO of Wassa

According to you, what are the main trends and innova5ons in your business field ?


It’s difficult to be exhaustive! Being connected 24/7, IoT, Big Data, and many more. All these topics contribute to creating new experiences for customers and retailers. Well used, they promote customer loyalty and enable business growth.

From our side, main innovations are related to how to attract the customers, with what content and when, to earn their loyalty.

Within our scope, we are working on improving the user experience and customer knowledge. Thanks to our technologies, we are able to access to people’s position, footprint and behavior inside buildings such as malls, as well as recover morphological criteria like age and gender.

What are the main features of your solution and who is it made for? 

We chose to focus our work on visitor experiences in shops and malls.

We want to provide a better understanding of the customers’ behavior and new ways to interact with them. This is the reason why we decided to launch Dencity during the Paris Retail Week show.

Dencity is a traffic analysis solution for shopping malls and retailers. It is structured around 3 modules:

  • a characterization module to detect age/gender and count people
  • a behavior module to provide information about people’s flow (user footprint, heat maps, etc)
  • an analysis module to visualize the data through a reporting platform

The goal is to recover a new type of data linked to the customers’ behavior. Retailers will be able to connect these data with their sales information, using Big Data algorithms, to get a better customer knowledge and enhance the visitors’ experience.

Our solution, based on images extracted from video streams, analyzes all visitors without technological limit (Wi-fi, Bluetooth ...).

What does the Paris Retail Week event represent for your business?

The Paris Retail Week show is one of the most import shows for our product strategy. We will launch Dencity during this event.

The main retail players will attend this show and we are hoping to get many feedbacks on our future customers’ needs.

Meet Wassa in the Start-Up Village of Paris Retail Week from 19 to 21 September!

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