3 questions to SAP France

Interview of Jean-Philippe Couderc, Expert Solutions SAP Hybris, SAP France, which will present its chatbot Charly at Paris Retail Week.

Jean-Philippe Couderc, Expert Solutions SAP Hybris, SAP France

According to you, what are the main trends and innovations in your field market?


SAP Hybris has identified Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality, Big Data and micro-services as the current, most important technological innovations. Today, companies want to manage simplified and end-to-end customer engagement processes. For example, developing a contextual understanding of their customers in real time, providing a relevant customer experience and digital content across all touch points, regardless of the channels and terminals used.

More than half of the French population buys online but the average shopping cart value tends to decrease. It is therefore imperative for retailers to take advantage of big data in order to predict customer needs.

The proliferation of chatbots in the context of commerce and conversational service via instant messaging, especially via smartphones, is another trend of the market. Today, the use of smartphones, as part of mCommerce, is growing strongly and represents 25% of online sales. It is crucial for distributors to rely on machine learning to provide an innovative and memorable experience.

Finally, secured payment via biometric recognition technologies is another important element of current trends. It represents a technological leverage to further facilitate the consumer's life and allows brands to differentiate themselves.

The challenge for companies is to integrate and orchestrate these technologies to provide an innovative, seamless and agile customer experience and to respond to an ever-accelerating and growing market.

What are the main features of your solution and who is it made for?

Technology enables companies to differentiate and create new business models. This is what SAP Hybris solutions do. Developing incredible customer experiences, innovating with agility and orchestrating front-to-back processes at a lower cost.

SAP Hybris suite covers marketing, sales, commerce, revenue and customer service through a broad portfolio of cloud and on-premise solutions, available in 49 countries. It also covers 21 industries and is sold indirectly by more than 400 partners.

SAP Hybris is aimed at all customers who want to be supported when driving the digital transformation of their business model by offering them to enter a Design Thinking and co-development process at the SAP Leonardo Center in our Paris headquarters.

The SAP Leonardo Center, a space dedicated to innovation, enables companies to experience the digital technologies offered by SAP to shape their future digital models. This co-innovation center includes areas of inspiration, demonstration and testing. It covers all the stages, from the ideation phase to the prototyping phase.

What represents the Paris Retail Week event for your business?

The Paris Retail Week is a major event for our business. It is an opportunity to demonstrate SAP's ability to innovate and support companies in their digital transformation.

SAP Hybris will present its chatbot named Charly which, from Facebook Messenger, allows automated conversations. In this way, simple messaging applications become real brand ambassadors, even sales assistants and virtual services to accomplish any task. We can imagine, for example, being able to book a train ticket or trips directly from Messenger. The icing on the cake? To be offered the contextualized, personalized promotions and services.

Another illustration is the interaction with our new store advisor, Pepper. The customer goes into a store and shares a QR Code or a product sheet with Pepper. Pepper identifies it and then goes to pick up the right product. Pepper is also able to provide additional information, such as suggestions for use and product recommendations.

Meet SAP France on the stand D025 at Paris Retail Week from 19 to 21 September!

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