The Paris Retail Week blog ranked among the Top 100 international retail blogs

Feedspot has unveiled its Top 100 blogs and sites dedicated to retail, and the Paris Retail Week blog is one of them!

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The has just obtained the 20th position in RSS Feedspot’s  Top 100 ranking of blogs and websites dedicated to retail, with the exclusivity of being the only blog of French origin in this international classification. 

A digest of news and analysis of trends in retail, our blog leans on the contribution of international experts and influencers who decipher new technologies and solutions to support retail professionals in their comprehension and vision in 360° retail. 

Hence, the publishes various articles throughout the year which are exclusively written in English including business articles, expert views and analyses of international practices in the sector. In addition, the French Touch, which is often scrutinized and especially demanded in various industries like design, is regularly highlighted, as well as the dynamism of start-ups and the French Tech.

Many thanks to our 73 contributors to date coming from the main European countries as well as the United States. They provide a great wealth of content through their various profiles, expert eye and open-mindedness.

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