SEPT 2020


Special Events and Technical

Paris Retail Week is partnering with expert partners to develop entertainment areas and services to enhance your visit.

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BotSpell is a start-up of Station F, specialized in conversational solutions (chatbots, voicebot).

  • Our goal: Facilitate access to your company's informations and services through conversation.
  • Our product: We built an SAAS platform proprietary at 100%, which allows us to create...
  • Our Vision: We aim for excellence, the conversational experience must be a hybrid and multi-channel experience.... We work not only for your project, but especially for its success. A chatbot is not a gadget.
  • Our Satisfaction: We are always proud to see your customers and / or collaborators say "Thank you" to the chatbot, so to you, and to have participated.


Charli - Partenaire de Paris Retail Week


Rent CharLi, the communication tool that attracts visitors on your booth and will captive them !

Users recharge their devices for an average 10 mns, which give you plenty time to display your latest news. Using the NFC, you will help users with a call to action such as visiting your website, follow your social network or articipate in a survey. CharLi comes with an anti theft and will be installed on your booth !

Several CharLi's charging boxes will be available at Paris Retail Week in different areas of the show.

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Dooh It

DOOH IT is a phygital agency who offers a full service package to its clients: from content creation (3D & digital) to the tailored installation of its phygital devices on site.

This startup is evolving in the world of retail and events, to offer a new vision of customer experience.

Its know-how lies also in the scenography and theatricalisation of retail or event spaces.  Thus DOOH IT meets the main 3 key needs of the shopping journey: #ATTRACT #IMPACT #INTERACT

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E-Commerce Nation is the first global cross-border e-commerce community, offering the latest news and expert tips from all over the world.

We cover the online retail industry from a global perspective by inviting collaborators to contribute their field experience to our platform through profoundly written articles. While we publish on all topics, we focus on educational content with actionable tips you can implement today.



AdsVark Media édite FrenchWeb.fr, Le Journal des RH, et We Love Entrepreneurs. Créateurs de communautés, nous éditons des medias B2B consacrés à l’innovation.

FrenchWeb.fr est le magazine d’information des professionnels de l’internet francophone. Sa mission : présenter les initiatives des acteurs français d’Internet. Il regroupe une communauté de plus de 40 000 professionnels, entrepreneurs, experts, investisseurs, et propose « en continu » des contenus spécifiques : articles, dossiers (ex : les chiffres clés d’internet), études, interviews et reportages vidéo sur Frenchweb.TV, ...
Frenchweb offre également plusieurs services on et offline : un jobboard spécialisé sur les métiers du digital, des ateliers en ligne, un agenda de tous les événements web, et le CLUB Frenchweb.



Full Performance, est le spécialiste français du marketing digital multi-leviers rémunéré à la performance.

1/ Rémunération à la performance: Ne payez plus vos publicités digitales, seulement une commission sur chaque vente ou lead apporté par nos campagnes 

2/ Des experts sur tous les leviers publicitaires online, pour des stratégies d’acquisition performantes et adaptées à des parcours d’achat omni-canaux et cross-devises :  

  • Liens sponsorisés sur Google Ads et Bing Ads (Google Partner Premier)
  • Display Programmatique Adexchange (Retargeting et Targeting, Display/Video/Mobile, sur AppNexus et Amazon Marketing Services), 
  • Google Shopping et moteurs de shopping
  • Social Ads (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Native Advertising

3/Une technologie en web analytique pour garantir vos performances et votre ROI: plateforme indépendante et tiers de confiance, restitution des performances de vos campagnes, conversions post-impressions et post-clics

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Logo Galam Robotics

Galam Robotics

Galam Robotics is a start-up founded in 2018, developing innovative robotic solutions for urban storage and urban logistics.

Its first product, TAK-ONE, is a robotic storage solution, which achieves very high product delivery speed and extreme space efficiency. This solution is especially adapted for urban shops, collecting points, and urban logistic hubs. 

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Greycell is providing event and B2B exhibition owners with an innovative range of services: we help you add new features to your show by creating turnkey services and building their business model. There are a lot of new ideas floating around, thanks to data management, interactive digital signage, video on demand, but which ones are going to generate new revenue? We will help you find out and set them up, from A to Z.

Our business model, much alike an architect firm, is to only bill human brainwork, all technical vendors bill the organizer directly, under our control.

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Since 2016, InStoria has designed and deployed innovative in-store solutions in order to enhance customer experience and increase the attractiveness of physical stores, especially by optimizing sellers availability. 

Thanks to an expertise in the conception of sound systems, the startup offers a flexible in-store broadcasting system adapting in both global and local marketing strategy of major retail distributors and event companies.

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Lafayette Plug and Play

As the first innovative platform fully dedicated to retail and e-commerce, Lafayette Plug and Play is a startups accelerator created by the Galeries Lafayette group in partnership with the Silicon Valley based startup accelerator Plug and Play Tech Center.

Today the ecosystem is joined by nine other industry leaders who are looking to boost their digital transformation. Located in the heart of Paris, Lafayette Plug and Play aims to support the development of French and international startups disrupting retail and e-commerce, by creating an innovative ecosystem around these industries.

As part of its two annual classes, Lafayette Plug and Play offers entrepreneurs a tailored and supervised three-month program.

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There is no digital economy anymore but a digitisation of the whole economy!

The Internet and the world of digital technologies revolutionize the running of the world economy by bringing new perspectives to your ambitions.
The e-business and e-marketing are now essential tools for a good business development.
We note all strategic movements taking place within companies with the inclusion of digital: new professions and new positions emerge to cover areas as diverse as retail, marketing, communication, logistics, procurement...
With over 15 years of experience in the teaching of e-business and e-marketing and the means that we associate to them (lessons, tutoring, coaching, community tools, videos, business missions), the MBA specialised in MCI (E-Commerce and e-marketing management) offers you an immediate springboard for the development of your career.



For over 20 years, VS FACTORY has been developing interactive digital devices for many sectors to create new user experiences.

By mastering all technologies related to digital, VS FACTORY allows Brands to express their positioning in a unique way.

Over the last few years, VS Factory has developed by integrating the entire value chain: Consulting / Sourcing Products / Creation / Production / Realization / Maintenance / thus offering a comprehensive approach to all its customers.



Wonderbox, French company and leader of Leisure experience in France, collaborates today with the biggest groups and firms and offers a wide range of customized leisure solutions to answer to :

- Brand promotion and activation

- Traffic generation and sales stimulation

- Customer loyalty and acquisition programs

- Employees or business gifts and rewards (incentive, challenge)

Gift box, gift card and code, leisure platform, management of your promotional games or lotteries, concierge for a fully customized offer… discover our services

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