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Special Events and Technical

Paris Retail Week is partnering with expert partners to develop entertainment areas and services to enhance your visit.


E-Commerce Nation is the first global cross-border e-commerce community, offering the latest news and expert tips from all over the world.

We cover the online retail industry from a global perspective by inviting collaborators to contribute their field experience to our platform through profoundly written articles. While we publish on all topics, we focus on educational content with actionable tips you can implement today.


Dooh It

DOOH IT is a phygital agency who offers a full service package to its clients: from content creation (3D & digital) to the tailored installation of its phygital devices on site.

This startup is evolving in the world of retail and events, to offer a new vision of customer experience.

Its know-how lies also in the scenography and theatricalisation of retail or event spaces.  Thus DOOH IT meets the main 3 key needs of the shopping journey: #ATTRACT #IMPACT #INTERACT

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Greycell is providing event and B2B exhibition owners with an innovative range of services: we help you add new features to your show by creating turnkey services and building their business model. There are a lot of new ideas floating around, thanks to data management, interactive digital signage, video on demand, but which ones are going to generate new revenue? We will help you find out and set them up, from A to Z.

Our business model, much alike an architect firm, is to only bill human brainwork, all technical vendors bill the organizer directly, under our control.

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Since 2016, InStoria has designed and deployed innovative in-store solutions in order to enhance customer experience and increase the attractiveness of physical stores, especially by optimizing sellers availability. 

Thanks to an expertise in the conception of sound systems, the startup offers a flexible in-store broadcasting system adapting in both global and local marketing strategy of major retail distributors and event companies.

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There is no digital economy anymore but a digitisation of the whole economy!

The Internet and the world of digital technologies revolutionize the running of the world economy by bringing new perspectives to your ambitions.
The e-business and e-marketing are now essential tools for a good business development.
We note all strategic movements taking place within companies with the inclusion of digital: new professions and new positions emerge to cover areas as diverse as retail, marketing, communication, logistics, procurement...
With over 15 years of experience in the teaching of e-business and e-marketing and the means that we associate to them (lessons, tutoring, coaching, community tools, videos, business missions), the MBA specialised in MCI (E-Commerce and e-marketing management) offers you an immediate springboard for the development of your career.


Visuall Group

Offrez une nouvelle expérience shopping à vos clients en intégrant le digital à votre point de vente ! Au travers de VISUALL Group, découvrez nos marques Pixelight et Digital Play et bénéficiez des dernières technologies pour vous rendre visible, dynamique et connecté ! De la vitrine digitale, en passant par l’arrière caisse, l’écran transparent, la borne tactile, le totem interactif, nous saurons à coup sûr vous conseiller la meilleure technologie adaptée à votre commerce. Nous vous fournissons l’environnement digital pour mettre en valeur votre marque et augmenter la satisfaction de votre clientèle avec une expérience d’achat nouvelle et engagée. Follow us on pixelight.fr & digitalplay.fr

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