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Biography Bastien VALENSI

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Business theme mentor : Omnichannel Experience

Immersed in entrepreneurship from an early age with an entrepreneurial father, I started selling books to my neighbours at the age of 6 before I learned to read! It was at this age that I got my first business lesson from my father, teaching me the importance of margin. 

After spending my teenage years in a sport-study programme with a tennis major, it was natural for me to set up my first company at the age of 18 with 200 euros in my pocket. I went into destocking products from major brands, as a purely web-based player.

I learned about the online retail business, digital acquisition strategies, the importance of customer loyalty, and the absolute necessity of delivering an impeccable customer experience to optimise retention.

In 2012, I decided to explore physical commerce in order to diversify my sales channels and try to stand out from the behemoths that were coming at me (Sarenza, Zalando, Amazon, etc.)

After setting up this first company with a turnover of 3M, I decided to throw myself into a much more ambitious project, with the aim of being less dependent on Facebook and Google, and the desire to create a real community, less volatile than during my first experience.

I launched CABAIA in 2015, wanting to create an international accessories brand that relies on three distribution channels (Retail, Wholesale, and E-commerce) and an original "hat bar" concept to start with.

Five years later, the brand has developed a wide range of products, and already has a turnover of 15M, with 100% growth per year. The aim is to maintain this growth rate for several years to come. 

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