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Biography Elina Hakobyan Roetynck

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Head of community relations, BLABLACAR

VP Customer Relations, BLABLACAR

Business Theme Mentor : Data

Born in Armenia, where she lived until she was 18 before going to study in Vienna and then spending time in Moscow, Elina Roetynck completed her studies in France, where she has lived for the past ten years. Fluent in several languages, she began her professional career in the finance sector and joined BlaBlaCar in 2016.

“I answered a job offer posted on LinkedIn," explains Elina Roetynck. “It was an international project manager position, to be responsible for the company's development on the Russian market. A few months later, I was working at BlaBlaCar and joined the customer support teams." And at BlaBlaCar, customer service is no less than the second-largest team (after the technical team!), with around 100 employees. “We’re spread over four different countries: France, Germany, Poland and Brazil," explains Elina Roetynck, whose role, along with the five managers who support her, consists of managing the work of a young and particularly involved team.

"Our mindset is 'Be a member'! In other words, our whole approach consists of putting ourselves in the shoes of BlaBlaCar users. Only then can we truly understand the customer experience." For this young but already experienced manager, the challenge of customer relations today is to strike a careful balance between a personal experience and operational relevance. "We need to have a coherent approach and make sure that our actions and our projects are always in line with our development imperatives." And with 100 employees for 65 million users worldwide, satisfaction is a key issue, without which we would quickly be overwhelmed! "We have developed a community chat that I am very proud of, and I am always impressed by the commitment of our ambassadors," says Elina Roetynck. During the year, the young director migrated the internal system to Zendesk and sees the prospect of ever-greater efficiency and relevance in her work. "We will be ever more omnichannel, ever more responsive and we will therefore be able to focus on the core of our business: BlaBlaCar’s users."

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