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8 business issues

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Paris Retail Week addresses key retail issues by offering content tailored to the needs of retailers and e-retailers.

These 8 issues will be highlighted during the mentoring keynotes and solutions workshops to allow participants to find concrete solutions and also to discover the innovations and trends in the sector.


Picto problématique business 2022 : Commerce omnicanal
Commerce omnicanal

Omnichannel commerce

Implementing an omnichannel strategy is nowadays a must for companies wishing to optimise their customer knowledge, their path, the management of their stocks but also the cohesion of their teams.
How to carry out its omnichannel transformation? Click & Collect, Store to Web, Drive... how to combine physical and online contact points? What tools and solutions should be offered for a smooth and optimal customer experience?


Picto problématique business 2022 : Marketing

Store design and equipment

The context of the last few years (Covid19 , inflation...) has considerably changed the behaviour and expectations of consumers towards brands.
Faced with these upheavals, what strategies and actions should be put in place across all channels to understand market trends and customer needs?


Picto problématique business 2022 : Logistique


Logistics is the last link in the distribution chain, yet it occupies a central and crossroads position within companies as new challenges and distribution schemes are imposed on retailers. Optimisation of goods flows, mechanisation of warehouses, urban logistics, CSR... how to accompany customers from the order of stocks to the last metre. How to be efficient, fast and flexible in order to meet consumers' delivery expectations?


Picto problématique business 2022 : RSE


Regulatory context, strong consumer expectations... Retailers have no choice but to commit to CSR! While the textile and high-tech sectors are offering new consumption and commitment alternatives (rental, second-hand, on-demand products, etc.), other sectors must move away from traditional trade and rethink their model. In this context, how to make the transition, set up responsible customer journeys but also equip themselves with solutions that allow speed and agility?


Picto problématique business 2022 : Marketplaces


In recent years, the advent of e-commerce has led to an explosion of marketplaces. To cope with this phenomenon of platformisation, ten of the biggest players have developed their own. Range extension, better availability of items, increased sales, competitive markdowns... for many players the advantages are numerous. For retailers, many questions remain: how to integrate a Marketplace, which one to choose? Should they simply create our own?


Picto problématique business 2022 : Nouveaux paiements
Nouveaux paiements

New payments

New payment methods are now real tools for enriching the customer experience, building loyalty and providing a competitive advantage in retail.
Fractional payments, fraud, diversification (mobile, Wallet...), technological innovations, data protection: how to operate a secure strategy, in line with consumers' expectations? Which partners to choose?


Picto problématique business 2022 : Parcours client agile
Parcours client agile

Agile Customer Journey

Anticipating expectations and purchasing behaviour, offering a fluid, personalised and value-creating experience online and offline... All of these stages through which the customer passes with a brand are at the heart of all attention. How to propose a Customer Centric strategy? KPIS, NPS, CSAT... Which indicators should be integrated to analyse the performance of the customer journey and offer a unique experience?


Picto problématique business 2022 : Data


Collecting data and qualifying it to make a fine analysis in order to determine the needs and expectations of consumers is essential today. With its massification, retailers are moreover able to understand more easily the buying path of consumers on the different channels. Machine learning, Big data, AI... Which innovative solutions should be chosen to optimise governance, secure data and improve performance?


Each issue is sponsored by a mentor, a sector expert who will share his experience and expertise during a mentoring keynote.
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The Paris Retail Week Awards will reward and highlight innovations in each of these 8 key sectors.
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