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Retail Focus

Retail Focus - magazine, website, podcast, awards

Retail Focus magazine is a stylish print and online magazine for the retail design and visual merchandising sector, featuring in-depth articles, news, opinions and interviews. Our website and social media platforms are updated with content to keep readers informed of news and developments in this dynamic and highly creative industry. All of this is accompanied by The Retail Exchange podcast and annual Creative Retail Awards. 

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A magazine dedicated to lighting design and smart lighting applications LUMIERES: monitors all developments in the world of lighting for those who require regular updates (lighting designers, architects, engineering offices, installers, operators…) and presents and analyses trends and new technologies. Independent magazine, open to other disciplines, LUMIERES presents News, Projects, Features, Products, and Interviews with leaders in the lighting world. 4 issues a year and more than 18 000 readers!

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Because customer relations is part of a global and very strategic approach, because it is more than ever multichannel, Relation Client Magazine offers to share the experience of companies that have developed successful approaches to customer relationship through its broad headings:

  • The essential news, to conduct a full eve of industry trends .
  • The investigation, to deepen a strategic issue illustrated by testimonials from businesses and experts.
  • Meeting, to share the view of a player in the customer relationship.
  • Initiatives, to understand the customer relationship strategy of an innovative company .
  • In practice, an educational approach to a key point of the customer relationship , be it management or implementation of technological solutions ...



Retail offre un aperçu de l'assortiment des grandes surfaces. Acheteurs, exploitants et responsables de rayons y trouvent des info-produits, les derniers chiffres sur les tendances du marché, des entretiens avec des spécialistes, des concepts de vente inspirants, des comparaisons de magasins et des infos sectorielles. Retail informe les professionnels sur ce qui bouge dans les magasins. 

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Retail Actual is a professional publication, print and online, for the food distribution, wholesalers and purchasing managers POS (specialty shops, gourmet space and commercial areas).



Retail Detail is a bimonthly magazine devoted to the latest developments in the retail sector. A tailored periodic for any decision maker. The website is the keystone: experts in retail and professional journalists feed the site daily with a continuous stream of relevant and recent news related to retail. Always at the forefront of the latest news, Retail detail is the reference in the retail sector, both for retailers and suppliers, employer's organization and mainstream media. 



Publisher RetailTrends Media is the information and  inspiration source for professionals in retail and etail. The monthly magazine RetailTrends and the bimonthly magazine Etailtrends together form a crossmedial retailplatform with the sites RetailNews.nl, RetailTech.nl and RetailWatching.nl. Our professional magazine RetailTrends contains an elaborate mix of trends, backgrounds, reports, interviews and lots of facts and numbers. 



Strategies Logistiques, which is 20 years old in September 2017, is the oldest generalist magazine in logistics and supply chain in France.

This bimonthly publication also includes a website and a free responsive newsletter on tablets and laptops, a conference on supply chain innovation plus five non-series related to the business meetings organized by Premium Contact and a prize: Strategies Logistiques of Sustainable Innovation.



Twinkle is the largest independent knowledge and information platform for e-commerce entrepreneurs and professionals in the Netherlands. With news, background information, case studies, research and personal stories, Twinkle is topical and inspirational.

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Voxlog is a media dedicated to the extended universe of the supply chain. In its web version, www.voxlog.fr, it spreads continuously informations and allows a strong interactivity with its readers, thanks to the presence of social networks and a weekly newsletter. Finally, four magazines come punctuate the year through major meeting or topics of the sector. An innovative and interactive offer who gives a fresh look.

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20/CENT Retail

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Comarketing-News is a media dedicated to all that is trending in marketing today.

Digital, Data, Mobile, Social, E-commerce, AdTech, IA, Automation... so many themes (among many others) that are addressed in our articles, studies or expert opinions to allow everyone to better understand the evolutions and innovations of a sector that is more complex than ever.

After four years of existence, the site has federated some 70,000 regular readers each month and a community of 15,000 marketing decision makers who receive a weekly summary of marketing information via a newsletter specifically designed for them.

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Monthly magazine for nearby shopkeepers, Commerce Magazine aims, each month, to bring you all the information you need to help you better manage and grow your business in all areas of your business: marketing / sales, legal, tax, management / finance, recruitment, training and staff motivation, e-commerce, equipment...

In each issue, Commerce Magazine also offers very many testimonies of shopkeepers that deliver you the secrets and keys to their success.



DIGITAL Mag is the leading magazine for professionals in distance selling, direct marketing, e-commerce and m-commerce. Resolutely turned towards professionals in these four sectors, its direct and pragmatic editorial policy makes it an essential interface between, on the one hand, retailers developing an online business or pure players and on the other hand, providers of software, technical, operational, logistical and electronic publishing solutions.



E-Commerce Nation is the first global cross-border e-commerce community, offering the latest news and expert tips from all over the world.

We cover the online retail industry from a global perspective by inviting collaborators to contribute their field experience to our platform through profoundly written articles. While we publish on all topics, we focus on educational content with actionable tips you can implement today.



The leading portal in Spain on e-commerce information, digital economy and online marketing.



With more than 750,000 subscribers to its daily newsletters published in 10 languages, FashionNetwork.com has become the leading source of information for professionals in the fashion world. Free subscription.

FashionNetwork.com is 50 journalists working around the world, the coverage of every Fashion Week in photos and HD video, and more than 16,000 job postings a month on FashionJobs.com.



AdsVark Media édite FrenchWeb.fr, Le Journal des RH, et We Love Entrepreneurs. Créateurs de communautés, nous éditons des medias B2B consacrés à l’innovation.

FrenchWeb.fr est le magazine d’information des professionnels de l’internet francophone. Sa mission : présenter les initiatives des acteurs français d’Internet. Il regroupe une communauté de plus de 40 000 professionnels, entrepreneurs, experts, investisseurs, et propose « en continu » des contenus spécifiques : articles, dossiers (ex : les chiffres clés d’internet), études, interviews et reportages vidéo sur Frenchweb.TV, ...
Frenchweb offre également plusieurs services on et offline : un jobboard spécialisé sur les métiers du digital, des ateliers en ligne, un agenda de tous les événements web, et le CLUB Frenchweb.



Havas Paris is a leading PR and advertising firm in France, where it is second largest, and Europe.

Headed by Julien Carette, Chief Executive Officer, and Christophe Coffre, Chief Creative Officer, the firm provides all PR and advertising services covering advisory, creation and content, with a view to enhancing the reputation and brand image of businesses with their target audiences, including when shopping.

The firm is backed by a broad array of talents to build and roll out ever more creative, all-embracing and digital marketing campaigns combining advertising, PR & ePR, social media, content, events and  design… capable of reaching more disperse, fragmented and mobile audiences.



INfluencia is an innovative concept that successfully combines both print and digital media. It was launched in 2004 by Isabelle Musnik and started with a daily online newsletter, broadcasting both national and international, often groundbreaking information (90,000 subscribers) and quickly became a reference in the field of marketing, communication and media. INfluencia then expanded with the creation of a paper magazine, to appear every three months, whose motto is “the review of trends, innovation and communication”. 

In each issue of this highly successful ​endeavour, journalists along with French and international experts give their point of view and share their experience. It has a distinctive and dynamic tone, and a purified and elegant lay out. Each issue covers a single theme, taken from a variety of contemporary societal issues, and prints to 5,000 copies. Along side the printed media, a digital copy of the magazine is available online. 

INfluencia’s primary goal is to identify tomorrow’s main trends and influences and to signal change. We conduct in-depth analysis of the media industry, our society, of consumer's behaviour, by relying on both national and international case studies and analysis​, all with one main objective: prospective and decoding.

Our magazine is fully dedicated to companies’ and brands’ growth. We want to help decision makers understand the environment in which they evolve and ​enable them to ​make the right decisions.

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InfoRETAIL is a spanish magazine with online and offline presence, with information and analysis about consumer and FMCG retail, specialized retail, e-comerce and commercial equipment. We have seven printed issues per year and online information 365 days per year. 


Internet Retailer


Internet Retailer® is the world’s largest publisher in the field of retail e-commerce.

We provide comprehensive e-commerce business intelligence through print and digital channels, including a monthly magazine, research reports and databases, websites, webinars and newsletters.

Internet Retailer, launched in March 1999, is the largest e-retailing monthly magazine with 44,500 subscribers. InternetRetailer.com is the most-visited informational website in e-commerce featuring daily industry news and market analysis. The site attracts more than 180,000 unique monthly visitors.

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iXtenso is the pan-European online resource for the retail sector, a treasure trove of the latest equipment for retail outlets and other customer-facing opportunities. Whatever the need, retail decision makers will find all the information they need at iXtenso. iXtenso is comprehensive and in-depth; its quick to use and easy to understand:

iXtenso presents all of the suppliers, products and services demanded by the retail sector featured in-depth. iXtenso presents information ‘in extenso’, and that is why iXtenso is such a highly regarded resource.

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echommerces is the new media that carries the voice of independent shops, from hairdressers to bakeries, to drugstores and other home and personal equipment stores.

echommerces relays the expectations and difficulties of retailers, as well as successes and initiatives, in particular of retail associations and professional federations. echommerces is recognized by the Ministry of Culture as an online media, with a committed forward-looking editorial line, which federates traditional retailers and millenials: a generation bringing  new life to convenience stores as well as values ​​related to the authenticity of products and people.



OfficieldesFichiers.com is the reference site that allows you to buy or rent files for your prospection or to enrich your customer knowledge.

OfficieldesFichiers.com, it is also a Directory of Service Providers, essential tool to find the service provider that will assist you in all of your Direct Marketing projects.


L'Usine Digitale



In the company, digital changes everything: business models, ways to innovate, sell, work. The Usine Digitale accompanies 93% of the IT Decision Makers on a daily basis - who consult the Usine Digitale, at their workplace.

Key Figures

500,000 unique visitors each month (Xiti2016)
1 500 000 page views (Xiti2016)
The newsletter

Dissemination to 30,000 professionals
Every day, the digital world reinvents a little more the professional world


A1 Retail Magazine

It is critical for retailers to stay one step ahead, and this is where A1 Retail can keep you up-to-date. We bring you the latest industry news in the form of a hard copy and digital magazine and free A1 Media App. Our comprehensive website is updated daily with up-to-the-minute industry news, as well as coverage of events and exhibitions, case studies and opinions from key figures. Contact us today to find out how you can subscribe: [email protected]


Follow us on twitter: www.twitter.com/A1RetailMag

Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/A1RetailMag

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Le Nouvel Economiste provides decryption of economical, political and social issues, daily online and weekly in the newspaper.



Ecommerce News is an English-written blog that focuses solely on the ecommerce industry in Europe. Every weekday we keep our readers up-to-date with interesting news, handy facts, insightful interviews and more. On Ecommerce News, you will find everything that happens in the European ecommerce industry, from acquisitions and cross-border news to country statistics and startup launches.



Established in 1997, IT Reseller is the industry-leading web-site for the IT channel; dedicated to providing relevant and up-to-date news on a wide variety of hardware and software solutions across various vertical technology sectors. 


The site assists OEMs, Resellers, VARs, Systems Integrators and Distributors to promote their products, seek and establish new channel partnerships, and secure a competitive edge by running their business more efficiently. Regular technology themes include: AIDC/Mobile Computing , RFID, Printing & Labelling, Biometrics, ID Cards, DataStorage, Convergence Technology/Comms, Power & UPS, Networking , Cloud Computing, Document Management & Retail Supply Chain.


Free subscription to the weekly E-newsletter on-line www.ITRportal.com

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LINEAIRES est le seul magazine B to B dédié à la distribution alimentaire en GMS. En plus de nombreux reportages en magasins, LINEAIRES fait le point dans chaque numéro sur des solutions et équipements innovants pour les surfaces de ventes. Une étude menée par l’institut BVA en juin 2017 confirme que LINEAIRES est très régulièrement lu par 83 % des acheteurs en centrales et 87 % des directeurs d’hypers et supermarchés.




LSA is THE leading media on trade and consumption. LSA targets all decision-makers, whether at headquarters, the stores or the central purchasing unit.

The editorial board highlights innovations, uncovers trends and deciphers good practices. LSA helps professionals be more efficient and anticipate market developments.

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LSA Commerce Connecté

LSA Commerce Connecté

LSA Smart Business: a website dedicated to business digitalisation, from e-businesses to smart stores.

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In four years, Maddyness has become the reference magazine for startups in France, a must for financial, media, new technologies and innovation players in France.

Each month, more than 500,000 readers come to seek inspiration and advice, get the latest news and discover the gems unearthed by the editorial staff.



Manufacturing & Logistics IT is the leading manufacturing & supply-chain IT solutions magazine & web-site, covering all aspects of the end-to-end supply chain within a wide range of vertical markets. 


Together with its news web-site, weekly e-newsletter and social media platforms, the magazine informs on real live applications within collaborative supply chain environments. Vendors, consultants and research analysts contribute to the editorial and special technology reports, providing an insight into how technological developments enable all kinds of businesses to operate effectively and efficiently.


FREE subscription to the magazine or weekly e-newsletter can be made on-line www.LogisticsIT.com

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Retail Gazette believes that the news isn’t a commodity and should be free for all. Our website is an entirely open-access, easy to navigate, simple to use and entirely free of charge. We publish independently sourced, high quality news content, keeping retail professionals informed and abreast of all the latest sector developments; complete with in depth analysis and insider commentary.


Website: http://www.retailgazette.co.uk/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/retailgazette

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13561113

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RetailGazette1/?fref=nf  



Mydigitalweek.com is the first site that brings together all the events of the digital economy: e-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Mobile, IT, e-Health, Fintech, e-HR, Smartcity, Internet of Objects, Innovations, e-Education , E-Tourism, Startups, Media ...

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Retail Systems is one of the leading technology websites for the UK and European retail sector, bridging the gap between the purely technical and more business issue-led titles. With a sector specific focus, it not only covers the latest developments in technology, but also discusses the way that technology is changing the world in which our readers live and work.

Our website is updated daily and is supported by an e-newsletter and Twitter account, plus a series of roundtable and conference events, as well as the Retail Systems Awards.

To sign up to our e-newsletter and keep abreast of all the latest industry news, reports and analysis, wherever you are – click here -  http://perspective.circdata-solutions.co.uk/Microsites/RFG/publish/RS_Newsletter/

If you require further information on advertising opportunities please contact: Lauren Blackhall, Advertising and Commercial Manager +44 (0)20 7562 2429 [email protected]

For editorial matters, Retail System’s Editor Peter Walker can be contacted on [email protected] .



The quarterly professional magazine spread free of charge on all the exhibitions(shows) specialised in architecture and design and sold on subscription.

Nda is the Magazine(Review) which presents the new concepts and trends in the sectors of retail, tertiary, residential, culture, hotel business, health, leisure activities, etc.

A non-specialized vision to stay informed in all the domains.

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RetailTechnologyReview.com is a feature-rich B2B website dedicated to the products and solutions needs of end users within the retail sector. The site’s content includes everything from Mobile Computing, RFID, Datacapture, Printing & Labelling, EPoS systems, Kiosk technology, Surveillance & Security, Digital Signage, Internet Retailing, Retail Supply Chain through to current news, informed opinion articles and key events on the retail calendar.

Free subscription to the weekly E-newsletter online:  www.RetailTechnologyReview.com

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ONEtoONE – New Marketing

ONEtoONE - New Marketing is a navigator for the market of new marketing solutions and provides an overview on the field. The portfolios Channels, Markets, Technology, Services and Community specify and discuss the latest marketing-related topics. With additional thematic specials and contributions of professionals and users ONEtoONE provides unique insights into pioneering and successful marketing.

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Founded in 2008, the CPA is an association composed of companies and entrepreneurs of Performance Marketing for business development and digital innovation.

The role of the CPA is multiple:

  • Promoting and analyzing marketing activity performance
  • Developing the business of its members and their industry
  • Raising the skills of its members in training and facilitating recruitment
  • Suggesting a training directory for active monitoring of all Performance subjects
  • Collective and individual defense of interests and rights of its members through publications such as white papers, Charter, Infographics, good practice guides etc.
  • The preservation of ethical standards among its members

The CPA is now composed of original members, actors from Performance Marketing - technical players and software companies.

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With more than 36,000 member companies in France and more than 1 million around the world, GS1 has been dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards and solutions to facilitate seamless exchanges of information between trading partners for the past 40 years.

GS1 is involved in more than 20 different industry sectors (retail, FMCG, ecommerce, healthcare, transport and logistics, defense…) and supports SMEs as well as multinationals in the implementation of bar codes, digital commerce, data synchronization and RFID.

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Since 2005, Club du Digital Media is the only network of digital signage professionals in France.

As a crossroads for exchanges and sharing, the Club animates and brings together all the digital businesses from manufacturers and software publishers to communication agencies, including integrators and advertising agencies. The Club's mission is to educate the market, develop expertise and connect professionals.



Créée en décembre 2002, la Mobile Marketing Association France a pour mission première d'accélérer la transformation et l'innovation du Marketing grâce au Mobile.

La Mobile Marketing Association France, association de loi 1901, est la seule association dédiée au marketing, à la publicité, au CRM et au Commerce sur mobile et tablette en France. Elle regroupe les acteurs majeurs de ce média : agences conseils, annonceurs, régies, prestataires, instituts de mesure, opérateurs mobiles.

L'Association a pour objectif de rassembler les acteurs du marketing et de la publicité souhaitant œuvrer au développement de ce marché sur mobile et sur tablette. La Mobile Marketing Association France définit des positions communes sur des points clés de l'activité, propose des critères normatifs de bonne conduite et donne accès à des informations marché à échelle européenne ou mondiale.

L'Association comprend aujourd'hui plus de 100 membres et constitue ainsi l'organisme professionnel de référence sur le marché auprès des annonceurs, des institutions, des associations professionnelles.

Son accord avec la Mobile Marketing Association Global en fait une association internationale : la Mobile Marketing Association est une organisation mondiale comptant plus de 800 sociétés membres dans le monde.



The Retail Academy is an independent educational institution for the exchange of retail strategists, designers and salespeople.

We offer training and further education opportunities for retail professionals with the aim to  bring together people from the world of retail and offer them an opportunity for open discussions and a direct exchange between experienced experts and participants. The role of the academy is to bring together people who wish to learn from experience with those who want to learn from it.

We cover four different areas: trade shows, seminars, retail tours and consulting services for companies. There is the possibility to book a seminar or a retail tour also as a closed in-house event, which is individually tailored to the company. Together with the Rheinische Fachhochschule in Cologne, The Retail Academy has also developed the "Retail Design Management" course, which will start in the summer semester 2018.



Retail Factory est une agence de conseil et de création d’expériences.
Ses domaines d’expertises vont du conseil à la formation, en passant par l’analyse de tendances et la création d’expériences sur-mesure, le tout dans une logique omnicanale, afin de coller au plus près aux habitudes d’achat des clients d’aujourd’hui et de demain.

La proposition s’articule autour :

  • De Retail Tours à Paris et à l’international
  • D’une offre de Retail Experiences sur-mesure
  • De formations sur diverses problématiques du Retail
  • De sessions de mystery shopping détaillées 
  • De missions de conseil en stratégie Retail



Representing nearly 800,000 companies, CCI Paris Ile-de-France is actively engaged with the actors involved in the regional economy, whether they are business leaders, decision makers, students, trainees or employees in continuing education.

Throughout a territory that includes Paris, Seine-et-Marne, Versailles-Yvelines, Essonne, Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne and Val -d'Oise, the CCI's mission consists in representing companies to help them grow, training men and women for the challenges of tomorrow, making business projects grow and promoting Paris region to enlarge its influence.



As the leading organisation for shopfitting companies and their partners in Germany, the dlv (Deutscher Ladenbau Verband) is a network linking all the relevant areas of shopfitting. It gathers producers, service providers, the retail sector and joint-venture partners around the table and thus sets the course for modern, professional and price-conscious shop design.

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Shop and Display Equipment Association is Europe's leading retail display trade organisation with over 100 members offering thousands of visual merchandising and display systems, props, PoS, PoP, lighting and signage.  Retailers are invited to join the ever expanding SDEA Retail Group for free - visit our website to find out more.  Suppliers are able to take advantage of a huge range of benefits and discounts that are included with membership, including sales leads, networking events and entry in to the annual Retail Display Directory.  Contact SDEA for further details.  

Contact:Shop and Display Equipment Association, 24 Croydon Road, Caterham, Surrey CR3 6YR, T: 01883 348911, E: [email protected]



ACSEL, the association of digital economy is the French hub of the digital transformation.

Based on an active and multi-sector network of nearly 150 major groups and midcap company, and 1,200 professionals, the Association becomes the reference portal of the digital ecosystem that brings together and animates all businesses, organizations and public authorities engaged in the digital transformation.

ACSEL's mission is to create the conditions for success in the digital transformation of the French economy.


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The CMD (Direct Marketing Circle) brings together nearly 400 members and organizes more than 40 events by year in Paris but also in regional delegations in North, East, Rhone-Alps, Mediterranean and Western Atlantic. CMD is the reference network for professionals of direct and digital marketing, a friendly space for meeting, sharing and intelligence at the service of its members. The CMD offers its members many services: conferences, "Networking", awards, collaborative press reviews, e-newsletter, workshops, training tutorials, legal assistance, membership directory ...

Chairman: Florent Argentier

Contact: Magali Rebeyrat, [email protected], tel: +33 (0)1 42 56 38 86



L’Association des Agences-Conseils en Communication, est un syndicat professionnel créé en 1972, il regroupe plus de 200 entreprises qui emploient aujourd’hui près de 12 000 salariés. Fédération de métiers, l’AACC est organisée en 7 délégations qui couvrent l’ensemble des disciplines de la profession : Corporate, Customer Marketing, Digital, Production, Publicité, Santé et Outre-Mer. Elle dispose de commissions transversales qui accompagnent les agences-membres sur des sujets fondamentaux : talents, juridique, droit social, finance, développement durable. L’adhésion à l’AACC astreint, entre autres obligations, au respect de règles professionnelles strictes qui font la valeur du label AACC.



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Club Enseigne & Innovation

The Club Enseigne & Innovation is a Club gathering project managers, technical directors, concept and layout managers in retail chains.

  • A philosophy: share to progress, share experiences and information, exchange data to control costs.
  • A goal: to capitalize on the human and dynamism of this sector, federate all professionals of commercial architecture.

A privileged place to discuss issues of implementation, develop technical solutions, lead a reflection, get professional contacts ... The Club offers its members a professional and friendly environment focused on innovation, efficiency and sharing experiences.

The Club’s Village

The Club Enseigne & Innovation invites you to discover the know-how and the networks of Heads of works, concepts and layout, in retail chains and the providers they work with.
The same space and a common banner to meet in one place the major players in the profession.

Discover Club Enseigne & Innovation


e-VISIONS, (anciennement SYNAFEL) est l’organisation professionnelle de référence des métiers de la communication visuelle (enseigne, signalétique, marquage et décor, gravure, digital ) qui rassemble près de 500 entreprises sur l’ensemble du territoire national. e-VISIONS est membre du CDCF, le Conseil du Commerce de France. 

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As the first innovative platform fully dedicated to retail and fashion industries, Lafayette Plug and Play is a start-ups accelerator created by the Galeries Lafayette group in partnership with Plug and Play Tech Center. 

Located at the heart of Paris, Lafayette Plug and Play aims to support the development of French and international start-ups disrupting retail and fashion, by creating an innovative ecosystem around these industries. Others corporations are now part of the amazing ecosystem of Lafayette Plug and Play : Carrefour, Up Group, Moet Hennessy, Maus Frères, Lacoste, Camaieu, Kiabi, Mediaperformances and Lagardère Travel Retail. 



FCA is the French trade association representing Cooperative and associated trade partner networks and that are organised into groups: E. Leclerc, Mousquetaires, U, Intersport, Orpi, Gitem, Euronics, JouéClub Baby 9, Krys, Passion Beauté ... in total 153 stores in 30 trade and service sectors that offer a multitude of opportunities to create or take over a point of sale with the support of a network.

The network of cooperative and associated trade represents 30% of the French retail sector and records every year even higher market performances. In 2014, the network generated a turnover of nearly 143 billion euros. The FCA informs and advises project developers and supports the creation of networks.

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Since its creation in 1971, FFF has had one ambition: to make the franchise the best tool for developing modern commerce.  
With some 140 member networks selected on ethical criteria, representing 40% of French franchisees, the FFF is a key interface between government, network designers, entrepreneurs and investors.

The Académie de la Franchise, a continuous training school, provides franchisors, prospective franchisors, franchisees and prospective franchisees with the training and information they need to grow and export themselves.
It dialogues with the public authorities and local elected officials on the essential modernization of trade and shopping services, where the franchise is one of the most powerful vectors.

Through its exchange and research programs, it contributes to the ongoing evolution of the franchise: a strategy now used by over 1350 sales networks in France, i.e.; some 51,000 retail outlets.

The franchise sector in France is experiencing growth rates of around 10% (in terms of the number of new networks and outlets) in the most dynamic sectors (personal services, specialist food). An undeniable success that supports, encourages and nurtures the ambition of the FFF, the spokesman for entrepreneurs who create and develop as franchises.




The French Federation of E-commerce and Distance Selling was created in 1957. Today, it brings together 580 companies and some 800 websites. It is the representative organisation for the e-commerce and distance selling sector. The FEVAD’s principal mission is to collect and disseminate information to improve knowledge of the sector and promote the sustainable and ethical development of distance selling and e-commerce in France.

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The National Union of direct communication “SNCD”, from data to logistics, is the professional organisation for providers of the suppliers in direct communication and relationship marketing. The Sncd gathers nearly 200 members who are committed to offer their services in respect of ethics and good practice of the profession. These professionals integrate new communication channels and efficient technologies. They offer extensive expertise to all the professions represented.

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La Fédération du Commerce et de la Distribution regroupe la plupart des enseignes de la grande distribution, qu’il s’agisse de distribution alimentaire ou distribution spécialisée. Ce secteur compte 750 000 emplois, plus de 10 millions de clients par jour, 2131 hypermarchés, 5962 supermarchés, 3952 supermarchés à dominante marques propres (ex-maxidiscomptes), près de 3700 drives, environ 20 000 magasins de proximité, plus de  30 000 points de vente pour un volume d’affaires d’environ 200 milliards d’euros. La FCD intervient notamment dans les domaines de la sécurité alimentaire, le développement durable, les relations économiques (PME, industriels, filières agricoles), les relations avec les partenaires sociaux et sur les sujets liés à l’aménagement du territoire et d’urbanisme commercial.

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AZERTY Jobs, a platform of job offers in the startup spirit, now become the reference job board on the business of innovation.

AZERTY Jobs has recently revamped its website and has unveiled its brand new identity, which offers you a better navigational comfort. This new interface aims to meet specific expectations: an ideal space to highlight the employer brand of companies that recruit and seduce the best profiles, all passionate about the ecosystem startup.

The jobboard reinvents the presentation of job offers in the sections Jobs, Startups and Collections. It offers another way of presenting recruiting profiles and job offers, personalizing them with the colors and contents of recruiters.

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AdsVark Media édite FrenchWeb.fr, Le Journal des RH, et We Love Entrepreneurs. Créateurs de communautés, nous éditons des medias B2B consacrés à l’innovation.

FrenchWeb.fr est le magazine d’information des professionnels de l’internet francophone. Sa mission : présenter les initiatives des acteurs français d’Internet. Il regroupe une communauté de plus de 40 000 professionnels, entrepreneurs, experts, investisseurs, et propose « en continu » des contenus spécifiques : articles, dossiers (ex : les chiffres clés d’internet), études, interviews et reportages vidéo sur Frenchweb.TV, ...
Frenchweb offre également plusieurs services on et offline : un jobboard spécialisé sur les métiers du digital, des ateliers en ligne, un agenda de tous les événements web, et le CLUB Frenchweb.




Created in 2000, Distrijob.fr aims to offer a simple, fast and effective way to connect candidates and employers in the retail and distribution sectors.
Distrijob.fr is an average of 500 new registrations, 1500 applications sent and 300 offers published every day!
On Distrijob, more than 50% of our candidates are supervisors or managers (Regional Director, Store Manager, Sector Manager, Department Manager ...) and nearly 80% have at least 5 years of experience.
With more than 600,000 page views and nearly 240,000 visitors per month, Distrijob has become the reference job site in the retail and distribution business.

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Events Bots

Event Bots

Event Bots, a French start-up, is shacking up the hospitality and retail markets with its humanoid robot reception assistant : TiKi. Entirely designed and manufactured by the company, TiKi revolutionises reception processes thanks to its wide range of innovative interactions. Among the leaders in the service robotics sector, Event Bots offers high performance robots and custom services.

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E-Commerce Nation is the first global cross-border e-commerce community, offering the latest news and expert tips from all over the world.

We cover the online retail industry from a global perspective by inviting collaborators to contribute their field experience to our platform through profoundly written articles. While we publish on all topics, we focus on educational content with actionable tips you can implement today.


Charli - Partenaire de Paris Retail Week


CharLi is a new communication tool that allows you to highlight your news thanks to its plexi and its integrated NFC TAG.

By recharging the batteries of your customers / collaborators via its 5 retractable cables, you are serving them and you catch their attention.

Take advantage this moment when they are receptive, to deliver an impacting message!

Several CharLi's charging boxes will be available at Paris Retail Week in different areas of the show.

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There is no digital economy anymore but a digitisation of the whole economy!

The Internet and the world of digital technologies revolutionize the running of the world economy by bringing new perspectives to your ambitions.
The e-business and e-marketing are now essential tools for a good business development.
We note all strategic movements taking place within companies with the inclusion of digital: new professions and new positions emerge to cover areas as diverse as retail, marketing, communication, logistics, procurement...
With over 15 years of experience in the teaching of e-business and e-marketing and the means that we associate to them (lessons, tutoring, coaching, community tools, videos, business missions), the MBA specialised in MCI (E-Commerce and e-marketing management) offers you an immediate springboard for the development of your career.



VISIPLUS Academy is the Training Centre of Visiplus, French Consulting Agency in Digital Marketing. 

With more than 5,000 professionals trained in 12 years, one of the best customer satisfaction rates, and 5 training locations in France, VISIPLUS Academy is now THE benchmark for professional training in e-Marketing and Digital Communications on the French market. 

VISIPLUS Academy is supporting businesses, regardless of size or industry, in improving  their employees’ skills in Digital Marketing. The Academy can now boast of having prestigious customer references such as La FNAC, Decathlon, Areva, Darty, Costa Croisières, Caisse d'Epargne, Bouygues Construction, Europcar, Europe 1, Ikea, Groupama, France Loisirs…


Technical partners


TimeOne – the performance marketing specialist, offers innovative services in affiliation, coregistration and media campaigns. Its expertise and innovative tools are dedicated to bringing advertisers and affiliated websites together according to sophisticated selection criteria. TimeOne covers the whole value chain of performance marketing advertising: from strategic advice, assistance in decision-making and network management to retargeting campaigns, the implementation of multi-channel strategies and the measurement of results.

TimeOne operates in France, in Spain, Italy, Portugal, the Benelux countries, Germany and Brazil. Our main customers include Meetic, BNP Paribas, Opodo, BrandAlley, etc.

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E-Commerce Nation is the first global cross-border e-commerce community, offering the latest news and expert tips from all over the world.

We cover the online retail industry from a global perspective by inviting collaborators to contribute their field experience to our platform through profoundly written articles. While we publish on all topics, we focus on educational content with actionable tips you can implement today.



Specializing in sound design and audiovisual production, the Cadence agency has been accompanying leading brands since 2005 in the production of effective and relevant sound and video territories.

We offer ad hoc methodologies for our customers and their agencies, for a creative, differentiating and meaningful result.

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Paris Retail Week is:

  • Sept. 2018
  • Sept. 2019