ACSEL, the association of digital economy is the French hub of the digital transformation.

Based on an active and multi-sector network of nearly 150 major groups and midcap company, and 1,200 professionals, the Association becomes the reference portal of the digital ecosystem that brings together and animates all businesses, organizations and public authorities engaged in the digital transformation.

ACSEL's mission is to create the conditions for success in the digital transformation of the French economy.

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BeCommerce is the Belgian association for companies active in distance selling focusing on e-commerce. With its knowledge center and label certification for e-commerce sites, BeCommerce encourages the further growth of the eCommerce sector and the strenghtening of customer confidence.



The German Federal Association of Online Trade (Bundesverband Onlinehandel e.V.) is the visible voice of the respectable online retailers. We advocate and stakeholder of the medium-sized online retail enterprises (SMEs) in terms of national and European policy to the achievement of a fair, safe and successful online trading for all those involved. Our special focus is selling on marketplaces. We are working for a European Digital Single Market DSM with SMEs trading without any restrictions.

  • Legal certainty for eCommerce
  • Elimination of all kind of restrictions and bans
  • Integration of eCommerce in training
  • Promoting selling on marketplaces and cross-border
  • Area-wide access to fast internet

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The CMD (Direct Marketing Circle) brings together nearly 400 members and organizes more than 40 events by year in Paris but also in regional delegations in North, East, Rhone-Alps, Mediterranean and Western Atlantic. CMD is the reference network for professionals of direct and digital marketing, a friendly space for meeting, sharing and intelligence at the service of its members. The CMD offers its members many services: conferences, "Networking", awards, collaborative press reviews, e-newsletter, workshops, training tutorials, legal assistance, membership directory ...

Chairman: Florent Argentier

Contact: Magali Rebeyrat, [email protected], tel: +33 (0)1 42 56 38 86



Representing nearly 800,000 companies, CCI Paris Ile-de-France is actively engaged with the actors involved in the regional economy, whether they are business leaders, decision makers, students, trainees or employees in continuing education.

Throughout a territory that includes Paris, Seine-et-Marne, Versailles-Yvelines, Essonne, Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne and Val -d'Oise, the CCI's mission consists in representing companies to help them grow, training men and women for the challenges of tomorrow, making business projects grow and promoting Paris region to enlarge its influence.



Founded in 2008, the CPA is an association composed of companies and entrepreneurs of Performance Marketing for business development and digital innovation.

The role of the CPA is multiple:

  • Promoting and analyzing marketing activity performance
  • Developing the business of its members and their industry
  • Raising the skills of its members in training and facilitating recruitment
  • Suggesting a training directory for active monitoring of all Performance subjects
  • Collective and individual defense of interests and rights of its members through publications such as white papers, Charter, Infographics, good practice guides etc.
  • The preservation of ethical standards among its members

The CPA is now composed of original members, actors from Performance Marketing - technical players and software companies.

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Digital Wallonia


Digital Wallonia embodies Wallonia’s digital ambition. Digital Wallonia is rolled out in three complementary and inseparable dimensions:

  • A strategy. Adopted collectively by the Walloon Government, it sets the priorities and objectives for public policies and the support framework for private initiatives to promote digital technology.
  • Platform. Governed collaboratively by the Walloon digital ecosystem, it provides services and support to public and private players engaged in implementing the digital strategy.
  • Brand. Championed by all those involved in Wallonia’s digital transformation, it guarantees their visibility and unites the initiatives implemented within the framework of the digital strategy.



As the leading organisation for shopfitting companies and their partners in Germany, the dlv (Deutscher Ladenbau Verband) is a network linking all the relevant areas of shopfitting. It gathers producers, service providers, the retail sector and joint-venture partners around the table and thus sets the course for modern, professional and price-conscious shop design.

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FCA is the French trade association representing Cooperative and associated trade partner networks and that are organised into groups: E. Leclerc, Mousquetaires, U, Intersport, Orpi, Gitem, Euronics, JouéClub Baby 9, Krys, Passion Beauté ... in total 153 stores in 30 trade and service sectors that offer a multitude of opportunities to create or take over a point of sale with the support of a network.

The network of cooperative and associated trade represents 30% of the French retail sector and records every year even higher market performances. In 2014, the network generated a turnover of nearly 143 billion euros. The FCA informs and advises project developers and supports the creation of networks.

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Since its creation in 1971, FFF has had one ambition: to make the franchise the best tool for developing modern commerce.  
With some 140 member networks selected on ethical criteria, representing 40% of French franchisees, the FFF is a key interface between government, network designers, entrepreneurs and investors.

The Académie de la Franchise, a continuous training school, provides franchisors, prospective franchisors, franchisees and prospective franchisees with the training and information they need to grow and export themselves.
It dialogues with the public authorities and local elected officials on the essential modernization of trade and shopping services, where the franchise is one of the most powerful vectors.

Through its exchange and research programs, it contributes to the ongoing evolution of the franchise: a strategy now used by over 1350 sales networks in France, i.e.; some 51,000 retail outlets.

The franchise sector in France is experiencing growth rates of around 10% (in terms of the number of new networks and outlets) in the most dynamic sectors (personal services, specialist food). An undeniable success that supports, encourages and nurtures the ambition of the FFF, the spokesman for entrepreneurs who create and develop as franchises.




The French Federation of E-commerce and Distance Selling was created in 1957. Today, it brings together 580 companies and some 800 websites. It is the representative organisation for the e-commerce and distance selling sector. The FEVAD’s principal mission is to collect and disseminate information to improve knowledge of the sector and promote the sustainable and ethical development of distance selling and e-commerce in France.

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With more than 36,000 member companies in France and more than 1 million around the world, GS1 has been dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards and solutions to facilitate seamless exchanges of information between trading partners for the past 40 years.

GS1 is involved in more than 20 different industry sectors (retail, FMCG, ecommerce, healthcare, transport and logistics, defense…) and supports SMEs as well as multinationals in the implementation of bar codes, digital commerce, data synchronization and RFID.

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Créée en décembre 2002, la Mobile Marketing Association France a pour mission première d'accélérer la transformation et l'innovation du Marketing grâce au Mobile.

La Mobile Marketing Association France, association de loi 1901, est la seule association dédiée au marketing, à la publicité, au CRM et au Commerce sur mobile et tablette en France. Elle regroupe les acteurs majeurs de ce média : agences conseils, annonceurs, régies, prestataires, instituts de mesure, opérateurs mobiles.

L'Association a pour objectif de rassembler les acteurs du marketing et de la publicité souhaitant œuvrer au développement de ce marché sur mobile et sur tablette. La Mobile Marketing Association France définit des positions communes sur des points clés de l'activité, propose des critères normatifs de bonne conduite et donne accès à des informations marché à échelle européenne ou mondiale.

L'Association comprend aujourd'hui plus de 100 membres et constitue ainsi l'organisme professionnel de référence sur le marché auprès des annonceurs, des institutions, des associations professionnelles.

Son accord avec la Mobile Marketing Association Global en fait une association internationale : la Mobile Marketing Association est une organisation mondiale comptant plus de 800 sociétés membres dans le monde.




Paris&Co is the economic development and innovation agency of Paris.

It covers five areas:

  • Incubation
  • International Attractiveness
  • Experimentation
  • Open Innovation
  • Event organisation or planning

It specialises in the areas of attractiveness and innovation with a view to creating employment and economic value in Paris: it prospects and welcomes foreign startups, contributes to the economic promotion of the city abroad, and promotes the reach of the Paris Region innovation ecosystem through the incubation of innovative young companies, experimenting with innovative solutions, organising major innovation events and linking startups with key accounts.

As such, more than 220 startups are helped by the Paris&Co teams every year: company diagnostics, strategic coaching, linking with key accounts, individual methodological support, as well as being part of an innovation network within the Ile-de-France area.  Furthermore, Paris&Co offers a programme which supports entrepreneurship: conferences, training, mentoring and organisation of awards. Its international team supports close to 350 projects to establish foreign companies every year, and holds more than 300 business and innovation events every year.

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The Payments & Cards Network is a talent provider consultancy purely dedicated to the fintech, payments, & commerce domains. With the biggest global network of over 35.000 fintech professionals and our experienced consultants we connect you to highly skilled people to boost your business performance.

We’d like get to know your specific needs today and help you find the right person to grow your business.

Call us on +31 20 3030 257 and let’s start connecting.



The National Union of direct communication “SNCD”, from data to logistics, is the professional organisation for providers of the suppliers in direct communication and relationship marketing. The Sncd gathers nearly 200 members who are committed to offer their services in respect of ethics and good practice of the profession. These professionals integrate new communication channels and efficient technologies. They offer extensive expertise to all the professions represented.

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„What does successful selling need?“ This is the central question at all events of The Retail Academy, irrespective of format. These events are a platform for knowledge transfer and further training. The Events, Workshops and Retail Tours are aimed at all experts, from the managing director to the trainee, whose work involves creating the framework conditions on the sales floor and redesigning them daily.

The Retail Academy is an independent institution providing a platform for strategists, designers and sales partners from the retail sector to share experiences. The Academy forms the framework for practice-based knowledge transfer, further professional training and open discussions between experienced experts and participants.
The task of the Academy is to bring together people who speak from experience with those who wish to learn. With this aim in mind, The Retail Academy creates a new area and a meeting place.



Paris Retail Week is:

  • Sept. 2017
  • Sept. 2018